A quick guide to dating single Russian girls

A quick guide to dating single Russian girls
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There are plenty of reasons why you should consider dating single Russian girls. If your love life leaves much to be desired and you’re about to choose a quiet lonely existence, perhaps it’s time to consider international dating. These days were no linger limited by the local nightclubs, bars and friends of friends when it comes to finding a partner, and there is nothing wrong in testing the waters in looking for a suitable partner online.

Table of content:

  1. Why would you consider having a relationship with a Russian woman?
  2. Tips on dating single Russian girls
  3. Confidence is key
  4. Demonstrate your family values
  5. Make her laugh
  6. Learn some Russian
  7. Pay her compliments
  8. Talk sense
  9. Remember about these cultural differences
  10. How to increase your chances

Russian women are especially popular among western men as they have lots to offer in terms of affection, loyalty, devotion and intellectual companionship. Besides, they are astonishingly good looking.

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Why would you consider having a relationship with a Russian woman?

There are several reason why dating a Russian girl may prove to be extremely rewarding for a person like you. Here are some of them:

  • There is a lack of men in Russia. Across many parts of the country there is a badly skewed male to female ration, with women outnumbering men. It’s an unpleasant demographic situation, but you can use it to your own advantage. Russian men are spoiled for choice, and it makes them rather passive when courting a woman. They know it’s easy to get another girlfriend, so why should they bother? But you are not like that, and girls will be able to make out the difference. You’re going to be appreciated for everything you have to offer in terms of personality, charisma and your willingness to treat a woman like a princess.
  • Women in Russia tend to get married young. It’s no secret that girls in the west prefer to tie the knot in their mid thirties or even later, but women in Russia get married in their early twenties. This is a perfect scenario for someone who is looking for a serious relationship. If you’re tired of aimless dating, Russia is the right place for you to search for a bride. Single Russian girls won’t date you unless they consider a possibility of marrying you and even having kids with you.
  • Eastern European girls boast a range of attractive qualities. Not only they are family oriented, loving and devoted, but they are also intelligent, brilliantly educated and well read. It will be an honour and a great pleasure to have a spouse like this. They are also honest and straightforward, and are not likely to play games. You will always know for sure what your Russian girlfriend is up to. Eastern European women are also very loyal to their families, homeland, friends and connections. This loyalty also extends to their boyfriends and husbands. It’s highly unlikely that your Russian wife will ever cheat on you or leave you when times get tough.

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Tips on dating single Russian girls

Women around the globe appreciate the same things when it comes to dating and romance. However, there are certain things that Russian women are bound to like:

Confidence is key

When talking to a Russian woman, being hesitant and meek is taboo. Slavic girls appreciate decisive, confident men who can be assertive without unnecessary aggression. Keep in mind that you’re brining a lot to the table in this relationship – it will boost your confidence. However, boasting about your career, financial security or skills is not the right way either.

Demonstrate your family values

You’ll have more chances with single Russian girls if they can make out you’re a family oriented man. They appreciate it when a man talks nicely about his family, especially about his parents, and when he’s proud of where he comes from. They will love learning about your childhood and a place you grew up in. And needless to say, you should ask her about her family and what she was like as a child. It will help you break the ice and build a connection.

Make her laugh

They say if you manage to make a woman smile, you’re halfway to success. Russian women appreciate a good joke, and they definitely like men with sense of humour. Of course, there is a language barrier when you date someone internationally, so make sure your jokes don’t refer to any cultural peculiarities she may not know.

Learn some Russian

Slavic languages are tough, but a few phrases in your girls’ mother tongue will go a long way. Real Russian girls are extremely proud of their language, culture and history, and the more you know about these things, the more they’ll like you. Besides, your date will appreciate you taking some trouble in order to impress her. Even if your pronunciation leaves much to be desired, an attempt to say something in Russia is bound to be admired.

Pay her compliments

Men love with their eyes, women love with their ears. Paying your girl a genuine compliment is the right thing to do if you’re determined to win her heart. Make sure you don’t focus on her appearance alone – plenty of men have already told her about her beautiful eyes and hair. A compliment has more weight when it’s meant to praise a woman for her personality traits, professional achievements, skills and so on. But of course, if you feel she took some extra effort to look attractive specially for you, it should be acknowledged.

Talk sense

Silly jabbering will not do when dating single Russian girls. This is  something to remember whether you  date online or in real  life. The majority of women in Eastern Europe are sensible, well read and educated, and they appreciate intelligent conversations and intellectual thoughts. Talk about something meaningful. Discuss your favourite authors, tell her about your travel experiences, or shed some light on your plans for the future.

Remember about these cultural differences

Russian dating culture is slightly different from things you get used to in your home country. When you date a Russian woman, keep in mind the following differences:

  • You’re expected to make lots of chivalrous old-fashioned gestures. Kissing her hand, helping her getting off the car, holding doors for her is a must.
  • Bring a bouquet of flowers, and her heart will melt. Russian women are extremely fond of flowers, and giving a girl of your choice a lovely bouquet is one of the most potent dating rituals in Russia. Make sure there is an odd number of flowers in your bunch – it’s important.
  • Don’t play games. Single Russian women take dating very serious. Don’t go for a date unless you’re really interested in a woman.
  • Don’t expect a Russian woman to split the bill. Girls in Eastern Europe don’t pay for their dinners, coffees, movie tickets and travel expenses when they are invited by a man. If you expect them to pay, they’ll consider you stingy. Most probably you won’t get a second date.

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How to increase your chances

You’ll increase your chances to succeed if you take trouble over your appearance. As simple as that! Single Russian girls tend to prioritize external looks, but it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate anything else about a person. No one expects you to go overboard – you don’t have to purchase expensive Armani suits (although if you can, so much the better). But at least have a good shave and iron your shirt. Yes, there are plenty of foreigners who come to date Russian women wearing old and crumpled t-shirts and baggy pants. Slavic girls don’t appreciate this sort of casual look.

Also, it will help to show your serious intentions. Talk about starting a family and having kids, about plans for the suture and life with a trustworthy and devoted partner. Ask her how she sees her own future, and whether is ready to start a new life in a new country.

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Generally speaking, there are no readymade formulas that will help you win the heart of one of the Russian single girls. Each person is different. However, these tips might be useful if you decide to try your luck in Eastern Europe. Best of luck in your searches of love!

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