Author: Tom

Author: Tom

How Russian ladies prefer to celebrate New year and Christmas holidays?
January 20, 2020 Articles Tom

The New Year is without any doubt is considered as the most principal holiday of the year Russian families around the world. New Year is celebrated on December 31, combining very specific traditions that define the Russian New Year from others countries. Table of content: How to meet New Year’s Eve? Santa Claus with granddaughter

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How can you distinguish Russian scammers online?
January 13, 2020 Dating Tips Tom

Scamming naive Westerners is, sadly, a profitable business in Eastern Europe. It’s not like any crime syndicate controls such endeavors (not that we know of). A scammer is more often an individual who really wants to make money for doing nothing. And since people from abroad really like Russian women, Russian women have long become

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A guide to Russian celebrations you can spend with an amazing Russian girl
January 6, 2020 Articles Tom

Russian holidays and celebrations aren’t the same as what you celebrate in your home country, wherever you live. But, to not get confused, let’s just assume you are American, as most English-speaking websites do. Assuming you live in Russia with your amazing Russian girl for some time already (and not looking for one at the moment),

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Why beautiful Russian girls want to dating foreigner
December 31, 2019 Articles Tom

In general, if you look at the statistics, you can see how actively beautiful Russian girls marry foreigners. Not less than a thousand annually. At that time, as soon as 50 young men marry citizens of other countries. Table of content: As it was before – marriages between beautiful Russian girls and foreigners Fictitious marriages

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Is it easy to persuade Russian female to leave Russia?
December 25, 2019 Articles Tom

Given you don’t speak perfect Russian, staying in this magnificent country won’t be easy. And after all, you wouldn’t want to stay in Russia, most likely. It’s isn’t the most welcome and comfortable place for a European or American. Add to that nuisance of having to learn the language of the country you stay in

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Possible ways to get a free Russian bride online
December 20, 2019 Articles Tom

More and more foreign males decide to look for a free Russian bride since they are sure that they will be the perfect option for them. They steadily learn about their mentality, behavior, and lifestyle in general. Table of content: Any free Russian bride knows her value perfectly Prove to a Russian lady that you

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Reasons why hot Russian women should choose you
December 15, 2019 Articles Tom

No one doubts that it is important for a foreign man to define what attracts him to hot Russian women before he finally decides to start wooing her. Nonetheless, the same concerns him as well because only a few males know their strong and weak points. Table of content: Hot Russian women buy into real

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