Everything you need to know about real Russian girl

Everything you need to know about real Russian girl
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A real Russian girl is aware of trends both internally and externally. She knows how to not talk about her problems, although she is waiting for the moment when, with a glass of delicious champagne, you can lay out everything honestly to the most reliable and unshakable one. She is interested in communicating with nice, nice, smart people. With a high bar presented to her to his young man, just money for her is nonsense, they mean nothing. Self-expression is very important to real Russian girl. This may be the work that she will do with full dedication, without forgetting about you beloved man. Or, being a creative person – an art to which she can devote life. She is successful in something and expects the same from a man. She is independent.

Table of content:

  1. Real Russian girl – what is she
  2. The mentality of a real Russian girl
  3. Femininity of a real Russian girl
  4. What do family values mean for a real Russian girl
  5. The beauty of a real Russian girl
  6. The real Russian girl always stays true
  7. How to communicate with a real Russian girl
  8. Is a real Russian girl mercantile

If your real Russian girl of the heart is just such, then you have truly found an angel, because she is always ready to be faithful to you. Love, pamper, give gifts and pleasant surprises, groom and cherish.

Real Russian girl – what is she

There are several types of women that can be attributed to a real Russian girl. Then, after understanding the needs of the chosen one, you can quickly find an approach to her.

The first type includes girls who are accustomed to rely only on themselves. Their main difference is that most of the time it takes these women to work, then what remains, already for the family, of the children.

The second type is “home”, by definition it is clear that the situation is different: most of the time they consider it necessary to devote to home and family.

Another type of women who did not succeed in life much can be said, no matter how fate happened, as they believe, and most importantly, they believe that fate is lost and they give up on themselves. Such a real Russian girl often blames others for everything and is difficult for her to please.

Another type of women is “careerist.” These young girls simultaneously set several goals for themselves and strive to achieve them, for example, to receive a quality education, find a prestigious, preferably highly paid job, and visit different countries of the world. In the last place of such a real Russian girl is a family. However, as for the children, here is the problem. This type of women’s children is left for later, only after they feel reliable, possibly even independent, primarily in material terms.

The ability to be feminine is the main qualities of a real Russian girl

The mentality of a real Russian girl

The mentality of a real Russian girl is significantly different from the mentality of the weaker sex of the vast majority of countries in the world. Feminized foreigners consider Russian ladies to be excessively conservative, prone to subordinate to the patriarchal way of life and incapable of asserting their rights. But something a Russian woman can still teach Western women.

Femininity of a real Russian girl

The ability to be feminine under any circumstances is one of the main qualities of a real Russian girl. Even having moved to another country, Russians allow men to feel courageous next to them. Progressive Dutch, American or German women may be offended if a guy starts to open the door in front of them, carry loaded bags or pay the bill in a restaurant. Foreigners do all this themselves, zealously defending their right in all respects to be equal to men. Sometimes this independence reaches the point of absurdity, and the ladies lose their last crumbs of femininity, and then they regret it themselves. At the same time, many foreign gentlemen with great gratitude accept the permission of the lady to look after her. For feminists, who are 90% of Europeans and Americans, an attempt to help is tantamount to recognizing a woman as flawed, incapable of independent action. Real Russian girl understand the desire of men to be strong – support and protection – and give them many reasons for this.

What do family values mean for a real Russian girl

For a real Russian girl, family is a core value. Nothing above exists. No matter how successful a lady is in business or in some other areas, the most important achievement for her is always a full-fledged family with children. In Europe and many other parts of the world, a traditional family has long been in a deep crisis, which has a negative effect on the psychological health of people. The family provides real support to the person, and its absence often causes deep depression. No matter how successful the real Russian girl in her career, the absence of a loved one and the unfulfilled maternal instinct always badly affects her mental state. No wonder psychologists are so popular in civilized countries. They give people the emotions and attention that a real Russian girl usually receives from family and friends.

Communicating with real Russian girl is much more difficult than western

The beauty of a real Russian girl

Female beauty is not only a set of genetically determined data, but also the ability to present oneself in the most advantageous light. No wonder Russian women are considered beauties. They are not only good by nature, but also constantly emphasize their merits. Real Russian girl dress very feminine, which can not be said about foreigners who have long chosen comfort, and often to the detriment of appearance. The real Russian girl does not consider it out of the ordinary to come daily to the office on stilettos, with a perfectly arranged hairstyle and in a carefully ironed suit, which emphasizes her thin waist, slender legs and other advantages. Foreigners consider all this to be completely unnecessary excesses and usually dress very simply. In this way, they not only make their life easier, but also greatly lose in terms of attractiveness. But Russian ladies always remember that they are, first and foremost, women, and then business ladies and production leaders.

The real Russian girl always stays true

In some Western countries, it is considered perfectly normal to live in a free marriage, having several partners and one husband. Some especially brave women can introduce a husband to a lover. Those men who do not accept such freedom in relationships are running from all legs into the arms of a real Russian girl, who, according to the same men, will devote their whole life to them. But this is true: a Russian woman does not need to seek outside entertainment if she decides to marry. For her, treason is a sign of uncertainty and disrespect for her husband. A real Russian girl will not change, she will honestly tell about everything to her husband, if you meet another man.

How to communicate with a real Russian girl

Communicating with real Russian girl is much more difficult than western. In Europe, people are more open: they can come up quite normally, ask how you are doing, and start the conversation first. In Russia, this is not accepted. The girls are queens, they need to be approached, and it’s somehow interesting: just saying “hello” will not always give a ride. Honestly, it’s hard to say why this is happening: maybe I didn’t like it outwardly, maybe for some other reason. But all foreigners have the same impression. Russian girls, probably, look first of all at appearance and some material values.

Is a real Russian girl mercantile

It is likely that it is, because it is a law of nature: a woman is always looking for a strong man. Now we live in a capitalist world, therefore it is quite normal that a lady is looking for a sufficiently wealthy person to start dating him and start a family. Do they think about work? Most girls think about it quite seriously, they want to be strong and independent. In particular, young real Russian girl is mainly thinking about a career, and not about quickly jumping out to get married. You always need to look for some middle ground: often the relationship ends because the girl does not have time for them. A real Russian girl very purposefully goes to her goal, so you need to make as much effort as possible to attract her.

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