How can you distinguish Russian scammers online?

How can you distinguish Russian scammers online?
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Scamming naive Westerners is, sadly, a profitable business in Eastern Europe. It’s not like any crime syndicate controls such endeavors (not that we know of). A scammer is more often an individual who really wants to make money for doing nothing. And since people from abroad really like Russian women, Russian women have long become the source of scamming.

Table of content:

  1. Are these Russian scammers even women?
  2. How to know that they are men?
  3. Ways to figure it out
  4. How do you fend off the potential scammers
  5. How to deal with them if you’re already dating
  6. Figuring out if her photos are real
  7. Unobtrusive ways to check
  8. In conclusion

The physical scamming is old-fashioned, though. The real professionals like to deceive and steal from the naive outsiders via the Internet. And it’s so much easier to do as most victims think that the women from Russia will like them for their fortunes, and start bragging about their wealth.

So, how do you actually distinguish the Russian scammers and not get caught in their nets? Let’s dive into it.

Are these Russian scammers even women?

It’s truly horrifying that the hot Russian lady you’ve been dating for a week now may not even be a lady after all. After these scammers had taken something of yours, they most of the time just disappear, hence you don’t even know if ‘she’ was a woman. But are they really?

Well, it’s impossible to say for sure if you haven’t noticed something wrong about the ‘woman’ you’ve been dating up until her disappearance. It’s even harder to say how many of them are actually men on average because not many people report about it (they are quite hard to track down, too).

But it is a certain fact that many of them, especially those who ask for your credit card numbers right away, are not women. Because men, unsurprisingly, aren’t necessarily any good at imitating women, it gets obvious after some time.

How to know that they are men?

Well, besides the fact that some men can’t even sustain their disguise for a bit of time, you can, in fact, tell, that whoever’s sitting on the other side of the curtain isn’t sincere.

You know, it seems some Russian scammers actually train to write and react like women when they want to. The secret behind scamming someone is to get a victim to trust you, and you can only do that after some time.

And they will try to earn your trust very early on.

Image of woman pulling scam

Ways to figure it out

First of all, if some woman messages you first — this alone must raise your suspicion. Though, if somehow it didn’t, the fact that she wants to know everything about you and give you anything in exchange will. It seems, guys really don’t know how to intrigue other guys, male scammers just play on their victims’ instincts and ego, that’s all.

It should be too hard to crack one of them, unless you really want to date a Russian woman, no matter what. That’s why there’s, in fact, not that many of them. Russian scammers of such sort are mostly women.

How do you fend off the potential scammers

Well, the most obvious safety precaution is to stop bragging about your money. If your Instagram account is just a bunch of money bragging – of course, they’ll try to scam you one day. Though, certainly, some scammers don’t care if you have no money at all. Even if you are poor, you have at least some savings, and acquiring them is fine.

Another trusty solution on how to distinguish a scammer is to ask her to tell things about herself. If she really tells you a lot about her life, she’s either not a scammer or a scammer without or with only a minimum of false background.

How to deal with them if you’re already dating

In case you are already dating a Russian woman and fear that she may turn out a scammer, you need to assert from the very start that you aren’t interested in a short contact, but in a lasting relationship. This will give you an advantage: if she is an honest woman, she will very likely be happy to hear that; and if she’s one of these Russian scammers, she’ll try to get whatever she wants for you faster and leave.

No scammer wants to linger too much around just one target, especially not a really wealthy one. From this point on, try to start a conversation with her on a regular basis, exchange photos and alike. Be active in this relationship, it will both be healthy in case of an honest partner and a scammer.

Figuring out if her photos are real

Sometimes the photos of a woman you see online don’t actually belong to her, which is understandable. Though, if you want to start a relationship with one such Russian woman, you have to know what kind of person you’re dealing with, including her appearance.

Even if she’s not a scammer, it’s dishonest to make people believe you look different from what you really are.

That said, it’s alright to put someone else in your profile picture. Actively trying to confuse people by storing the photos that aren’t really yours, on the other hand, isn’t nice, to say at least.

There are a few ways to know if the photos really belong to her:

-Just ask her to exchange photos without pushing, it’s not that hard. Give her one of yours, she’ll give you one of hers, that’s how people do it. If she doesn’t want to (say, she’s shy), considering there are already some photos in open access, time to get suspicious. Though even that may not work out — if she’s one of these Russian scammers, she’ll likely have some more pictures to back it up;

In that case, try to see if the photos match with any that Google can find — just search it by image. It’s too easy if the image is stock. Sometimes you can find the same picture on the Internet and not bother to find out if the source link belongs to her profile as well. That would be so embarrassing if you’ve admitted to stalking a real person like this. So, be careful

One of Russian scammers pictured

Unobtrusive ways to check

You can, of course, use the simplest tricks to check if the woman you’re dealing with is one of the Russian scammers. These are pretty obvious if you think about it. So, why are there so many victims of scams? That’s mostly ego problem, but sometimes people are just not attentive at all.

So, among other things, ask about the personal facts and what’s up in general. She won’t be willing to tell you that very often because why would she divulge some of her personal information. Lying and thinking things up isn’t viable, it’s easy to figure out when someone’s making stuff up in motion.

Alternatively, use the other forms of communicating than what you already use. If you’re using a website to date online — switch to any social network, ask for messenger info. Russian women are usually happy to give you more ways to communicate with her with ease. If she refuses to, it’s obvious that she has none trustworthy accounts to give you.

Call her. First, ask for the phone number and then call her. If you feel that you’re already at a phase of the relationship when she can give you something of the sort, and she doesn’t, it’s pretty unconvincing, isn’t it? Truth be told, some Russian scammers actually give you the number and even answer your calls. So, raise the bet and offer a video call.

In conclusion

Basically, the best weapon against Russian scammers is your own brain and intuition. The tricks may work, but only if the scammer isn’t very dedicated. If she really wants your money, she’ll pretend as long as it takes. Detect reluctance, insincerity, lie — that’s not too hard. Most of the time they are not professional actors to pull off such disguises.

But if you want something more about dating Russian women, try some of the other guides on this website. Or go and watch the video below for some interesting facts about Russian women:

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