How to apologize after a weird hookup to look cooler

How to apologize after a weird hookup to look cooler
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Do people say sorry after casual sex? Yes, if something awkward has happened by their fault. Do not stress yourself over this awkwardness after hookups and learn how to apologize correctly.

“Hey you just confused me with your hotness”

It’s a great excuse that’ll bring you extra points, and it works well at any age. If a person hears you were stroke with their good looks, they’ll forgive you any failure in a bed and give it another try.

“The alcohol was guilty”

Of course, most of people blame alcohol if something doesn’t work in hookuping. It isn’t the smartest way to apologize but it helps anyway, so you can ask for a second chance in a sober condition.

“I was stressed by becoming a boss at work”

Bingo! This cool excuse will impress any casual lover on this Earth. Becoming a big boss is definitely a reason to fail in other areas if you’ve just got the news about that, plus you’ll be rich soon.

“I seemed to fall for you”

This excuse is very flattering, but practice it only with the soft and naïve folks, otherwise, they may take an advantage on you.

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