How to hustle hot girls into bed on Brilic dating app

How to hustle hot girls into bed on Brilic dating app
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Hustling hot women into bed is an art form. It’s a skill that can be learned. I’m a pickup artist who has been hustling pretty women into bed for nearly two decades, so I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience on Brilic dating app with you today.

  • Become a global dater. The No. 1 skill to have a wonderful s*x life is to become a location independent money-making machine. Now you are asking why making money has anything to do with getting into hot women’s pants. Well, first of all, if you don’t have money, you are a loser who can’t attract hot ladies. Second, if you don’t have a location independent job, you don’t have the freedom to date the hottest girls around the world. Most men have day jobs that they don’t really enjoy and they have to go to their offices every day – how can they meet exotic, sexy women in their daily life? Logistics can’t allow that to happen in the first place. If you have a day job that you actually hate, you’d better figure out something like freelance writing and translation as soon as possible, so that you can live a laptop lifestyle, i.e., you can travel to foreign countries and download international dating apps. Then you can easily hook up with gorgeous women who are slim, beautiful and hot women
  • My cousin’s mistake: My cousin is a 33-year-old guy who is married to an American woman that he met at university. He has depression and anxiety because of his day job and his wife. He works as a middle-level manager for a company in Texas and his wife is boring, fat and nagging. On surface level, his life is all right – he has a job that pays him a reasonable salary; he is not divorced; his kids are reasonably well-mannered. But where is the joy in his life? He settled down when he was 22 years old and listened to his parents’ advice – his parents told him to study something that he doesn’t even like at university and he listened to their advice to make them happy. That’s why my cousin doesn’t even have a relationship with his parents now. After working in an industry that he hates for so many years, his soul is lost. In order to please his parents when he was younger, he doesn’t even have a relationship with his parents today. That’s very sad. I still remember when we were kids, my cousin told me that he wanted to travel the world and date multiple women. Yet only I have made it happen. He is probably lost permanently because he apparently can’t divorce his wife now.
  • What I’ve learned from my cousin’s mistake: A mediocre learner learns from their own mistakes; a consummate learner learns from other people’s mistakes. I am definitely a consummate learner, so I have learned from my cousin’s mistake. First and foremost, I don’t want to get married at a young age because I want to see the world first. Early experience in life is the foundation of the future. The more I have seen now, the better choices I’ll make in the future. A person without a vision probably can’t make the right decisions in life. In the second place, I don’t want to have a 9-to-5 job because I value freedom more than “stability”. Frankly, stability doesn’t really exist in this day and age – My dad had one job in his life; my older sister has had five jobs in her life; I have five jobs at the same time, meaning I have five clients who constantly buy my freelance services online (that’s how the economy evolves these days). Because I only need to work on my laptop, I can live wherever I want and date hot women from different countries. Lastly, I know that my parents can’t give me the right guidance anymore because this is a different era today, so I listen to my inner voice when I’m making my own decisions in life, no matter it’s about what to study at university, or it’s about which pretty woman I should marry. As a matter of fact, I studied Creative Writing at university and I’ve been a freelance writer for more than one decade (yes, freelance writing is lucrative because the risk is very low). Basically, I write about hooking up with hot women and get paid for doing that.Brilic dating app
  • How exactly I hustle pretty ladies into bed on Brilic dating app: Because I’m a very good writer, I always have success on online dating sites and dating apps & here is why: When a guy is talking to a hot girl on the Internet, his writing skill is his conversation skill. Because my spelling and grammar are pretty good, it’s very easy for pretty women to understand me without any problems. Also, the way I communicate is very engaging and interesting, hot ladies generally find me fascinating online. That’s why they even become addicted to me – they are addicted to my messages on Brilic dating app. Of course, my dating profile is very well-written because I’m a professional pickup artist. And my photos are seriously perfect – On my dating profile, I have a primary photo which shows my handsome face clearly, but my eyes aren’t looking at the camera (that is the best image for a primary photo of a dating profile online); I have another photo which shows my six-pack (yes, women want to see a guy’s half naked photo – you just can’t show her a d**k pic!) These have been tested by Tim Ferriss’s TV show if you have watched that episode about his dating experiment. And I used those techniques for myself whenever I approach pretty girls on Brilic dating app. Apart from that, I also talk to these women on the phone pretty fast. Usually, after talking to a hot lady for a day or two, I would exchange phone numbers with her and then I call her. After that, I arrange a date and we meet up. Because I look reasonably attractive and live in Ukraine, many Ukrainian girls want to practice English with me. That’s why it’s relatively easy for me to get into their pants after a few dates (or “English learning sessions”).attract hot ladies
  • Who inspired me: My role models are Roosh V, Richard la Ruina, Yad and George Massey! These are well-known pickup artists with mainstream fame. All of them are interested in dating Eastern European women. I read all of Roosh V’s books when I was travelling the world. I also read Richard la Ruina’s two books this year. As to Yad and George Massey, these two guys are extremely different, although both of them are living in London. Yad isn’t the most handsome guy in the world, but his vibe is very cool and positive. Women like his sincerity. Nevertheless, George Massey is a good-looking dude who looks like a combination of Keanu Reeves and RSD Brad (Brad Branson’s real name is Wade Alters – he has left RSD and started his own personal brand already). These dating professionals expanded my outlook, so I’m living a dream lifestyle now.
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