How to make a winning first impression on a Russian woman?

How to make a winning first impression on a Russian woman?
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To make a surprise or impress a girl is always has been a noble goal. Russian woman was created for happiness, kindness and love – for this, men try to please girls with cute surprises, proving their feelings. This article will help you choose the best option, which will certainly make her smile.

Table of content:

  1. Beginning of a relationship is a significant period
  2. Be confident in your actions
  3. Do not talk about your past experiences
  4. Make her feel exceptional
  5. How develop a relationship with a Russian woman?
  6. The ideal development of relations with Russian woman

Do not underestimate the pleasant things, which are not at all difficult to do. A call, a message, a flower or an invitation to a cup of coffee will help her cheer up and feel loved. The main thing for a Russian woman is to know that her man needs her.

Always come for a first date with flowers

Beginning of a relationship is a significant period

It is necessary to show interest, and willingness to do things. It is impossible to give away gifts at the beginning of a relationship. It is time for cute and unobtrusive surprises. For example, what could be simpler than a flower presented in the morning? You can cheer up and energize for a day by giving one rose (unobtrusively and at the same time speaks of serious intentions). To do this, you can call in in the morning in person or order delivery by courier. An invitation to a movie or a walk can be made memorable if you unexpectedly present a gift. For example, to persuade a friend to hand you a prepared bouquet of flowers during a meeting and to hand it to the girl at an unexpected moment. Such a surprise guarantees a surge of positive emotions. If she loves attention, you can ask friends during a date to send her an SMS with the text “The one who is nearby loves you very much!”.

Be confident in your actions

Show your self-esteem and confidence with not only words, expressions or non-verbal communication. Try to impress her with whole appearance. Russian woman will immediately feel your “weakness”. Do not try to better than you are. If you bold, there is no need to cover it with the hair from the back. She will appreciate this gesture.

Russian woman is not scared of scars, bold man or any other specifics in your appearance. Lack of confidence will alert her. Be confident in what you are saying, open the door in front of her, make her feel comfortable, say couple of jokes and just be nice to her.

Woman pays attention how a man looks

Unconsciously, we transmit to other people the way we feel about ourselves. It is practically impossible to hide lack of love to yourself, back habits, excessive anxiety or hate to other people. Russian woman needs up to five minutes to understand what kind of partner you are. Do not be shy; present yourself proudly and with nobility. Also, do not bad image: smoking not a great choice for a first date, as well as biting your nails because you are nervous. Russian woman will read it as a sign of insecurity.

You may think that all these details are so obvious when we are talking about first impression, however you may do them not even realizing. Your hands can shake, you can bite your nails or scratch something – control your emotional balance; otherwise your bad habits will scare her right away. These anxious, impatient, concerned movements make a very unpleasant, unfriendly and unattractive impression, especially on the first date.

Do not talk about your past experiences

It is prohibited to talk about previous relations, they were good or not, even if Russian woman wants to talk about it. Not only topics about sexual experience are taboo. Russian woman is very jealous; do not tell her that you were with your classmate Marina in the restaurant, or your ex-girlfriend Andree cook delicious. Unless the comparison is her favour, however it is better to avoid this conversation. Make her feel the only one and forever, especially in the beginning of your romantic relations. You will offend her comparing to other women. In this evening she is with you, which means Russian woman does not want to hear about anybody else.

Create the image of shy romantic man, than Casanova, who does not miss any skirt on his way. Exist a possibility that Russian woman will like experience, but there is no chances that she will continue relations with you. As soon as she understands that man wants only sexual experience with her, she loose interest immediately. Russian woman can just walk away and you will never see her again.

Show her that you are interested and value her as a person, open your heart and soul; be kind and sincere. Be careful with the first sex, it will add more love to your relations or ruin everything.

Make her feel exceptional

Russian woman wants to feel in three aspects: physiological, physical and moral. Only if these components are present she will tend to development relations and love her partner. If we are talking about physical comfort is not about sex. Physical comfort means to open the door in from of her, invite for breakfast, drive her home after work, and suggest help when she is tired.

Russian woman tends to psychological comfort relations. She wants to wake up in the morning, with no make-up and feel free, however do not examine her face in the morning. Not because she does not look beautiful without make-up. Russian woman has a desire to sneak in the bathroom in the morning, to brush teeth, to wash her face and get ready. Thus, she shows respect and love towards her partner.

Do not try to understand her; just give her a chance to meet you in the morning even more beautiful than usual. The ideal situation will happen, when you pretend to be asleep and wake up after she used a bathroom. In day by day life try not to follow her in the toilet or in shower. Russian woman require free space for her rituals.

Impress her with your smile and attitude

How develop a relationship with a Russian woman?

The main and the most important advice will be – do not relax, always keep situation under control. Everyday needs to be special, at least from the beginning. Invite her for coffee, bring her breakfast or lunch for dinner and do not miss invitation for dinner. Create memorable emotions together however do not exaggerate. A little extra always can ruin everything. Give her free space; be there for her when she is lonely or bored. After all the attention, Russian woman needs time to miss you. She can be unpredictable, but is not that hard to win her heart.

Russian woman always complains that men are very active with presents and gifts only from the very beginning of relations. They pay attention to every small detail, try to impress, go for a walk every evening, exist diversity in relations. Now, after couple of months he is sitting in front of the computer, playing games most of the time, or watching TV. Sex life reduced until two-three times per week, not per day.

This example shows how beginning of the relations can become the end of it. The important is not to become a passive in relations, always discover new things in yourself and your partner. Otherwise, somebody else can appear and fill the hole.

The ideal development of relations with Russian woman

Briefly, a man meets a Russian woman, they star to communicate, see each other more often, send messages, talking on the phone. Such a natural process at the beginning. Meetings happen almost every day, hundreds of messages, both understand that they feel closer to each other, and very soon, they understand it is hard to live without each other. As soon as they understand what is going on between them, they start live together. Woman and man get very close, cook together, wake up together, wash clothes and do stuff around the house. There are several options of development of this phase:

  1. Partners live happily together, they do not imagine how to be without each other, and finally get married. They rise children in love and total mutual respect and understanding.
  2. They realize that the feelings between them are gone; they do not understand each other anymore. Quarrels and scandals become usual and eventually they break apart.
  3. A couple understands that something has changes in their relations, but they are afraid to talk about it. They continue to live together, pretend that everything is good, but the real story is they are afraid to ruin fake harmony in life. Moreover, there is no love between them, but a thought to break apart is equivalent to the death.
  4. On the other hand, there is a chance that a couple will strive to find a solution if relations are not going smoothly. Constantly working on it, refreshing relations together. They can succeed and fall in love again or break up, knowing that they did everything to save the feelings.

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