How to start a conversation with the pretty Russian girls you’ve found online

How to start a conversation with the pretty Russian girls you’ve found online
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Whenever you find one of these pretty Russian girls on the Internet who you could potentially date, it’s sometimes not as easy to say ‘hello’. Of course, you need to say something that will impress her and not make it weird or hasty at the same time. After all, if the woman you’re trying to become closer with has never even seen you before, it may turn pretty weird very fast. You need to know what to say on each step of this first conversation, don’t you?

Table of content:

  1. Do you actually need any plans?
  2. How talking online is better
  3. Don’t take it too seriously
  4. Common hobbies are your best friends
  5. The other stuff you should keep in mind
  6. The language
  7. Your greatest advantage
  8. How do you say ‘hello’ exactly?
  9. If you had a background with her
  10. In conclusion

There’s a lot of obstacles you can come across during this talk that it feels like you need a thorough plan for it. While it may seem so, the reality is a little bit more interesting and a little bit less frustrating. There are actually a few nuances you simply need to take into account without building huge plans for every occasion. Let’s see them.

Do you actually need any plans?

If by ‘plans’ you mean drawing possible paths the conversation may take, then you don’t need that. In actuality, such step-by-step formulas will only make it worse for you to find the correct words when something goes not accordingly to your plan.

You should never expect something from people, given the human factor and how differently everyone thinks. So, the probability that any plan, even drawn for an interlocutor whom you know quite well, will hit the score is pretty low.

How talking online is better

However, what you need to do is practice your social skills on the Internet. Talking to people on the Internet is pretty different from your average conversations, and there are also several advantages to it, namely:

  1. You can think of a nice answer longer than you would offline — your interlocutor doesn’t expect you to answer right away, you need to see the message, then read and process it;
  2. You can pick the time for a conversation, which is great for a reason you’ll see below;
  3. The talking is less dependent on your voice, tone and other voice characteristics you sometimes fail to control

You also need a fun, smart or at least un-boring answer reply with.

Time flies faster on the Internet, and it’s easy to find something else to do if you’re bored. In case you can’t make it worth her while by having an interesting conversation, you probably won’t make a very good impression.

That’s why, if you have a choice, you should start a conversation if you have a mood for it, or at least if you aren’t stressed and tired. That’s why you don’t have to draw elaborate plans before talking to a person, you can get agitated and stressed very quickly, and that’s not what you want.

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Don’t take it too seriously

Evidently, it still sounds very strategic, as if you should be in your top shape for a simple conversation, but don’t take it too seriously — just keep in mind these nuances. You shouldn’t be in a good mood for a conversation, sometimes you need a good conversation to better your sour mood.

Common hobbies are your best friends

To start a regular conversation with the person you’d like to be closer with you need to either have a common background with them or the common hobbies, interests or at least views. And whereas the first option is seldom up to you, the second one is something you can start your search by.

If you want to have a good time with one of the pretty Russian girls you chose, you need to have something to reach out to them, something you both could do in your spare time. You can do without it, of course, but having a common hobby will make a relationship way smoother.

If you have something you both enjoy and can do together in your spare time (and especially if you visit the same community, forum, website, etc), you can start your message on that note — that you saw her and wondered if you like the same thing.

It’s even more convenient if the thing you plan to mention is something narrow, yet the platform you can say you saw her on is a bit more popular (she needs to actually be active there for it to work). That way you can build a solid bond based on the uniqueness of your interests.

The other stuff you should keep in mind

Before actually typing your first message, you should consider a few minor nuances that may affect the whole interaction. They are even more relevant if that’s the first time you see one of these pretty Russian girls you’re trying to hit on.

The language

The Russian people are not exactly bilingual — meaning, most of the time they only speak one language, their own. If you want to make a real lasting relationship, you firstly need to know what your partner’s saying.

And in this case, it’s either you who has to know Russian, or it’s your partner who has to know English. The latter is more believable, yet it’s not that easy to find the Russian who speaks English on a good-enough level. If you like, you can look for one in the communities directly connected with English — either those which help you learn it or those which utilize it for some reason (like comedic purposes).

Your greatest advantage

Given you don’t speak Russian (most likely, you don’t), your greatest advantage is actually yourself. It may sound surprising, but Russians like having conversations with foreigners (provided the conversation is interesting), even more so if the foreign interlocutor is a westerner (meaning, he lives in Western Europe or North America).

However, if you aim to use this fact to charm your alleged future girlfriend, you need not build the entire talk atop it, it doesn’t sound very fun this way.

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How do you say ‘hello’ exactly?

Having all of it in mind is fine, but what about saying ‘hello’ in the end? This one action is in fact as difficult as you may imagine. All people are pretty different not only in static but also in motion. You can be unlucky enough to pick a short-spoken person when she’s tired.

In this case, it may become awkward fairly quickly, as you sit and wait for the answer, all the while your ‘interlocutor’ sees that you’re trying to ask something and has already decided she’ll ignore you.

That’s why the wise option would be to just say a short ‘hi’ and wait for a response. You can wait for a longer time if you calculated the time wrong, by the way. Keep in mind that Russians live some time away.

After she’d answered you, you can start with an inquiry, the question or whatever else you might’ve thought of. Just don’t be too pushing, no one likes it.

And if you’re trying out the Russian websites and apps for your goal, you better make your profile believable so as not to look like a scammer or a seller. Or just someone boring. 

If you had a background with her

If you did something with her before, then it’s even easier — start the conversation about that, no matter what it was. If she likes you, she’ll support this small talk and continue conversing with you even after she realized all you wanted to do was talking to her and the topic wasn’t actually very relevant.

Yep, that’s the whole advice.

In conclusion

In short, don’t think about saying hello to the pretty Russian girls too hard. You can keep these pieces of advice in mind to have a quick solution to a problem, but don’t draw elaborate plans or ponder on the whole affair for two long. It may be a bit hard due to some unpleasant circumstances, but you still need not take it too seriously. Just go with the flow.

Yeah, that’s it, glad you’ve come so far as to read the whole article. If you’re so enduring, maybe you’ll even overcome the other articles this website has. You know, for leisure reading. Or, if you’d rather have some leisure watching, feel free to watch the video below before starting to date those pretty Russian girls:

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