In what cases is it easier to meet Russian women offline rather than online

In what cases is it easier to meet Russian women offline rather than online
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Everyone always tells you that doing something online is much easier than that same thing done off the Web. And, while in many cases it’s pretty fair to assume that, the circumstances don’t always allow for some smart solution on the Internet. Sometimes it’s not worth the effort, and sometimes there’s just no equivalent for your specific request. The same sometimes happens when you want to meet Russian women and think that it’s simpler to do offline.

Table of content:

  1. Why dating online can be easier
  2. More opportunity to spend time together
  3. The Internet is not for everyone
  4. The distance
  5. Why is it a problem?
  6. When is it NOT a problem?
  7. The Russian communities
  8. In conclusion

There are several reasons why it may be true, though not all of them are immediately justified, some are just false hope. However, you should take everything said in this article with a pinch of salt. Not because it may be untrue in its core, but because it may be untrue specifically for you. There are many circumstances a person can be landed in. If nothing below qualifies for you, then you should seek luck on the Internet, it’s that easy.

Why dating online can be easier

Dating online isn’t exactly the poor substitute for the same process in the real world. In some ways, there are fewer possibilities; but in others — they are much richer. For instance, it’s impossible to feel physical intimacy if your relationship stays solely on the Internet.

On the other hand, if you’re busy and can’t help it, the Internet allows you to have a full-fledged relationship that doesn’t take too much of your average schedule. It sure sounds like a nasty thing to say, but be realistic — despite what you can tell your beloved, sometimes working is just too important.

Though, of course, you shouldn’t treat a relationship as something you can shove in the back of your schedule and pay no attention to your girlfriend. It’s exactly why women leave their men.

More opportunity to spend time together

But there’s another side, also. If you choose to date someone offline, there may be at a certain point a shortage of things you can do together, especially if you both are plunged into the routine or plainly have very little imagination. Of course, in this case, you may also find yourself struggling on the Internet, but you’ll still have an easier time there.

Apart from talking, which in itself is very fulfilling if you know what to talk about, there are also videogames, movies, and so many more things to do together which depend on your hobbies and interests.

And that’s exactly where you stumble onto the first problem of dating Russians online.

Image of a Russian girl

The Internet is not for everyone

If you try to estimate whether you’re more of an online or offline type of, you’ll eventually stop to contemplate what kinds of leisure you and your partner can do together. Some leisure isn’t for the Internet, therefore it may not be for you if you aren’t a big fan of the place or plainly don’t know how to navigate yourself in it.

If you are a bigger fan of being active and moving, then it won’t be wise for you to try and meet Russian women on the Internet. It will, only if you aim to find someone and continue the relationship offline.

And there are several things that you can do better in the real world, namely:

  1. Being physically intimate, implying not only the intimacy but also the feeling of having someone at your side. It brings more trust to the relationship;
  2. Going out for a walk. It may not be the most thrilling experience, but walking side-by-side with someone you like not only gives you time and opportunity to talk, but also can bring in the motion factor. Talking with someone on the cell phone is fun, but staring in the screen all the time can make it rather dull;
  3. Doing anything that requires you to be present somewhere, like celebrating a birthday of your loved one, or even saying something important and emotional. These things are remembered longer if you’re there to do or say them

If you feel that you aren’t ready to part ways with any of these things, then it’s obvious that having an offline relationship is a more acceptable path for you. Dating on the Web is only acceptable if you’re comfortable being online, and if your partner is likewise comfortable.

The distance

In most cases, it’s better to date someone offline, of course (unless, for instance, you and your partner both feel more comfortable online, but that’s not as common). But even in such circumstances, it may be beneficial for you to build a real physical relationship. Of course, even if you wanted it more than anything, there’s also the issue of distance between you and your alleged partner.

As you may know, Russians live in Russia. Therefore, should you want to meet Russian women, you need to travel to Russia. That’s true, but there’s also the alternative ways of resolving this crisis, and the distance itself may not be much of a problem.

Why is it a problem?

Obviously, it’s not a big deal if you live near Russia, right? But have you ever considered what ‘living’ near Russia really means? Even if your residence is the closest imaginable to the border with the country (theoretically speaking), you are still both very far and very close to where you need to go.

‘Close’ because Russia is right there for you to visit; and ‘far’ because, all in all, you need to go to the big city to be comfortable. And big cities here are located far from the edges of the country. Moscow itself is a few hundred kilometers inland, and that’s probably where you’d want to go.

Of course, you probably live nowhere near as close, and you’d probably choose to travel by plane, but you get a general notion. Traveling through Russia is a pain in the back.

When is it NOT a problem?

You know, you may not even need to travel to Russia in order to meet Russian women. There is an alternative option, you know.

See, the Russians have a long-foregoing tradition to leave their homeland when the situation turns nasty. They’ve been doing it for some centuries now, but the apex of this emigration lies in the early 20th century.

It means that if you were to stumble upon a Russian immigrant community somewhere near you, the local inhabitants will still resemble an average Russian: they’ll speak Russian, behave like Russians and mostly bear the Russian names. Although, of course, they often let their children be raised in a manner of their own home, as a sign of gratitude (and as a practical solution, as well).

The Russian communities

Image of a laughing woman

If you’d been keeping up, you’ve probably deciphered all this rambling already. If you feel that Russia is just too far for your liking — just search their communities in the vicinity. Now, they probably won’t be anywhere in your vicinity, unless, of course, you live in some big and popular city like London, New York, Paris, etc. These have sizeable Russian minorities, that’s true.

But if you aren’t anywhere near these places, you’ll probably still need to travel. Not as far and not as stressful, but you’ll need to if you want to meet Russian women near the place you live in.

So, if you have any Russian community nearby, it’s a great opportunity, and it’s a lot better to go and seize it rather than continue dating online.

In conclusion

Many more depend on your actual situation in life, most of the examples above are here because they can’t move, they are true for everyone in disregard of where you live and what your interests are. But the majority of your choices still depend on your personal circumstances. There is an answer to your question, though (if you even had a question).

It’s actually very obvious, but nonetheless, here it is — do what you feel is more comfortable for you personally. If you feel that it’s easier for you to meet Russian women on the Internet because you feel better there, then go ahead and do just that, no one can really stop you.

No one can stop you from reading more articles on this website either if you really want to. If you don’t, consider doing it, you can learn something interesting or useful from one of those. But if you don’t want to read anymore, feel free to watch the video below, it may turn out just as helpful:

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