Russian women: myths and reality

Russian women: myths and reality
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Not so long ago, Europe experienced a sort of fashion for Russian women. Foreigners somehow believe Slavic girls are submissive, undemanding, hardworking, understanding, patient, strong and beautiful. Is that really true? Let’s try to grasp the issue.

As many people know, marriage itself is rather not a celebration of life, but continuous work, or service: first husband, then children. Hence, we deal with female self-doubt and low self-esteem. Russian women tend to not believe they are worthy of respect and love.

Though, it is recognized that the 90 years of the last century, as well as the beginning of the current one, brought some definite changes. Fortunately, girls increasingly realize surviving in the modern world is possible only when one relies on own strength, mind, education, hard work and tenacity.

It is no secret Slavic girls look much more attractive than European and U.S. ladies. They are well-groomed, carefully looking after their bodies, trying to please a man’s eye. As to Western women, they are primarily oriented on personal comfort, rather than style.


Most Russian women that are seeking to find a soulmate abroad got good education, have a wide area of thought, and inquisitive temper. This makes them perfect interlocutors, whom you are not to be bored with. Therefore, a partner’s intelligence is a vital issue for them.

Ability to empathize with a loved one, intimacy and caring, a sort of victimhood and willingness to go to great lengths for the sake of family happiness distinguish Russian women from rather prudent and selfish ladies of West, who are concentrated on their own personality, interests and career aspirations. Though, potential husbands are expected to display the same caring attitude towards a woman and her children, being always ready to help and sacrifice something for the sake of a family, if necessary.

Slavic girls often give men the right to vote, and probably, the last word in solving many important family issues. Thus, such wife appreciates stability, consistency and ability to take responsibility for family living. Educated in that manner, Russian woman always expects you to behave as a man. Inviting her to dinner at a restaurant, be prepared to pay the bill: you’re a man, so it’s you to wine and dine.


For girls from Russia, a boyfriend or legal husband is not the one to enthusiastically demonstrate own success, independence and autonomy to. A man brings hope and support, a person she believes in, seeking for security and confidence in a family welfare.

So, what a Western man should do to make a lasting impression on a Russian girl, winning a heart of hers? Generally speaking, a few things are required. Just be a man, honest, kind, committed, reliable, a bit romantic, indulgent and simply loving: that strong shoulder and a stone wall a delicate lady needs to hide from all of life’s adversities.

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