Russian dating: 6 fatal errors of the independent search

Russian dating: 6 fatal errors of the independent search
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Daily, we are dealing with the stories of men who have tried finding a wife from Russia on their own. At the first tutorial, we investigate their previous experience to understand why dating led to no wedding.

Error 1. Non-systemic approach to finding a future soulmate

The vast majority of Russian women believe a happy marriage is one of the most important goals in their life. Well, to achieve career success we somehow document the steps for advancement. When searching for a soulmate, all our skills of goal setting and planning are completely erased. This is the first and foremost bug that involves a string of other complexities. Without clearly defined goals and plans, we are moving chaotically, spending much more time and effort: first, register at a Russian dating site, corresponding within 5 hours; then we get tired of such a pace, being through with the search.

Error 2. Lack of self-discipline

So, you are wise enough to single out the type a woman you want to find, time required for you to get married, as well as a phased plan of what you need to do and the way to agree the actions with your life schedule. Even in this case, another reason for failure exists: laziness and sabotage. Getting to an independent search, be ready for colossal work to be done, realistically assessing own resources.

Error 3. Improper prioritization

Misunderstanding importance of the dating process further aggravates lack of discipline, helping one to find more and more excuses that make a dream of a happy family looking illusory. Quite often, men behave as if not yet selecting the priorities: maintain a status quo or finally marry a Russian lady, gaining family happiness. Many are just afraid changing their life, sometimes even unconsciously, saving the issue for later.


Error 4. Emotional choice

Here you are, finally checked in on a dating site, beginning a search for candidates. Being oriented merely on a lady’s appearance is a common mistake. Avoid getting fooled by a beautiful picture and praiseful words. Try to find out as much details about a woman as possible before meeting her personally. You know, recognizing and ending hopeless communication can be extremely difficult. That’s why a practiced eye is required to spot the difference. Be economical of your time.

Error 5. Closed nature

What your with-draw behavior can be manifested in? Well, it all begins with a reluctance to upload your personal photos and truthful information about yourself and a woman you want to find. Think, what a girl should pay attention to here? If you want a marriage and a family, say it explicitly. To attract a woman from Russia, a skill to properly present yourself becomes extremely important. There is no place for inner clamps and restraint.


Error 6. Disappointment

Failed meeting an interesting person during your first day on a dating website? Well, if everything in life could happen as quickly and easily as we would like, that would be a perfect world. To start with, take a look around and make the necessary conclusions.

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