Find out what Russian women fears are and how to deal with them

Find out what Russian women fears are and how to deal with them
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In terms of female consciousness, fears are very important. They make a woman’s behavior illogical and even absurd. Sometimes, only a real man is able coping with a girl’s anxiety.

Here is a list of major women’s fears, as well as subtle hints to fight them. Read, keep in mind and proceed to bold action.

Phobia of aging. One of the most common women’s fears. Interestingly, ladies of all ages (including those very young) stand in awe of the age progress. Like many other types of awes, this one is generally associated with mood, cycle and quality of the last night’s sleep. Assure her the age just adds confidence and charm, while a real ideal of feminine beauty of all men, ages and nations is Sophia Loren, precisely in her present age. She’ll believe!

Fear of poverty

In each individual case, the concept of poverty is different, as well as one’s need for material wealth. Here a lot depends on a girl’s education, environment, and habits. Incidentally, just try to meet her expectations, be at hand at the right moment and instill confidence in the prospective future.

Fear of loneliness

The reason is the lack of attention, admirers, as well as a slowdown of the usual pace of life. Agree, if you are used to daily go out with friends, and now just stay at home for more than two weeks (even if the reason is the holiday season or cold outside), it makes you feeling sad. Surrounding a girl with excessive attention, you can only reinforce the negative mood.


Many women are capable of pulling themselves out of gloom independently, by means of some shopping experience, easy flirt or self-therapy. If this does not work, subtly and calmly tell a girl (again and again) that you love her and will never leave. Also, say you’ll never cheat on her (this is a subspecies of the fear of loneliness). Keep on showing affection: put up a shelf, screw in a bulb, kiss her, massage her body before going to bed, make a list of ‘my girl’s likes and dislikes’ and hang it in plain sight – she will be happy.

Fear of getting fat

And the fear of that she’s already overweight, without noticing it. All weight categories are affected. Expressed mainly in oral form (rare girls exposed to the phobia of getting fat really restrict their diet). If you believe that her fears are unfounded, use the same method of treatment, as in the previous case. The effect is temporary. Otherwise, just ignore.

If you agree that the figure of your girlfriend still requires some correction, be strict and uncompromising. Do not order desserts in a café, start visiting the gym together, buy only low-fat foods.


Well, these are basic and most awkward female fears. Also, men should remember about the women’s phobias such as a fear of insects, snakes, height, non-fashionable clothes, hair removal and confined space.

Why do men from around the world dream of a Russian wife? It is a unique female mind that makes Slavic girls irresistibly beautiful. In turn, these women known how to demand (politely) a solicitous and respectful attitude.

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