Top three mistakes you make at a dating site

Top three mistakes you make at a dating site
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Every day, millions of guys visit dating sites, look at girls’ photos and send messages in order to catch attention, interest and proceed to real dating.

Though, the sad truth is that most of the messages are never answered. Why? What are those wrong things men do? May be it’s worthwhile looking for the girls who are long registered online, listed at the end of the roll, or those with fresh profiles, not yet subjected to a massive raid? That could well be the case. Though, the tactics, firstly, guarantees no success, and, secondly, the coolest and prettiest girls may well be cut out of the loop here. And so, you find yourself engaged into letter writing with rather unexciting girls, or trying to compete with other men for the right to be the 294th guy who wrote her a message.

So again, what is a mistake most men make, leaving their messages just ignored? In this text, we’re telling you about the three principal errors 99% of men do when communicating at a dating site.

Mistake 1. Banality

Create a female profile and see what the rest of men will be writing to ‘you’. If you have never done this, you’ll be surprised.

Set up the experiment. Upload some beautiful photos, typical text (‘sincere good girl, never feel bored, fond of dancing’, etc.), and you will get a flurry of messages from men.

What will they write to you?

You’ll get dozens or even hundreds of virtually identical messages, in which they write ‘how are you?’, ‘let’s get acquainted’, making you compliments and attaching poems, asking also what such a beautiful girl is doing at a dating website. Men are quick to talk about a real date or video call (that’s especially funny, when the offer comes from 38 unfilled profiles), sponsorship, sending erotic photos, or vice versa shaming you for creating a profile. Well, those most stupid just send a wink.


Mistake 2. Rush

The worst thing in online dating is behaving like the rest of the 2140 guys that already texted your girl. In this cruel world, where all men seek proceeding to a real date as soon as possible, you will be pleasantly different from the others, providing a girl with an opportunity to talk more, learning each other in a better way. Instead of a ‘cup of coffee’ invitation, start with a fun exciting dialogue.

Mistake 3. Lack of perseverance

This is the last but not the least important of the top men’s sins. You know how the majority of men act? They run through numerous profiles, leaving one message to each girl. ..And never get back to see whether she read the letter. At the same time, those rare who monitor a girl’s reaction, repeatedly sending her positive messages achieve success in the most improbable circumstances. You’ll be amazed how excellently persistence works both in real life and online dating. Girls really like it when some guy, if not the most handsome, is persistent and confident to get her attention.


And the last thing: control what you write. This also applies to live dialogues. No vulgar jokes and swear words. If a girl is well educated, she’ll just give you the silent treatment.

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