Dating sites: are these girls gold-diggers?

Dating sites: are these girls gold-diggers?
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Well, we all periodically hear the same old story of Russian women being selfish hunters for foreign husbands. The more furiously the authors of the concept ‘unmask’ those brides of Russia the more obvious the fact of mere envy is. Often, these are the ladies with lack of knowledge of a foreign language or poor personal life that find intermarriage as a bad idea.

The ‘castigators’ ask: why do these Russian girls think they are extraordinary, smart and beautiful and merely bless a man when marrying him? Why do they believe a man is obligated to support them? The attitude to family relationships is talked to be consumer-oriented. What if a woman is really intelligent and beautiful, a good person, educated and caring, really able to make a man happy, giving him emotional, spiritual and mental support?

In Russia, their girls are really beautiful and clever, sincere and caring, proving themselves to be good wives that make men happy. A lot of Western men strongly believe finding a Russian bride is a win-win. As considered, a husband’s role is providing for his family, willing to do it, and that’s not involves the necessity of being very rich. We guys rather avoid seeing this as a sort of consumer’s attitude, not calling a wife ‘a beautiful toy’, but giving her love and respect.

Though, ‘reformers’ insist dating sires are a place for gold-digging girls. Well, if a woman marries a man taking into account his positive mental and moral qualities, psychological compatibility, find him attractive physically, appreciating his good attitude towards her and believes he’s worthy of love, at the same time valuing his ability to maintain a family material – then it is that a marriage of convenience? A kind of it, but quite reasonable. You know, going abroad with no work and language skills, having no husband to support one within a period of adaptation – that’s what can be called unreasonable and dangerous.

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Surprisingly, what is considered the average standard of living in the West involves a lot more than what most residents of Russia are offered. Therefore, for Slavic brides looking for wealthy men is not a goal: for them, middle class is a decent life. Aware of the fact, sober-minded girls avoid chasing for millionaires, but look for a middle ground, which is quite possible to be found. Though, the golden mean involves the income level that is sufficient to financially support a wife for as long as she finds a job, and in case she fails getting employed, which may well happen.


This is a sensible, sober-minded approach to the search for a partner in another country.

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