Found your Russian lady? Prepare for a real date

Found your Russian lady? Prepare for a real date
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As you see, being aware of the terms of a future date gives you time to prepare.

There is a saying of ‘you can never be too rich, too thin or too tan’. Well, the last ones are available to anyone.

Have some free time? Visit a tanning salon. In Russia, girls usually sunbathe when having a sea vacation or doing things in the garden; tanned body and face is what attracts them.

Need to lose weight? Choose a diet that is proper personally to you. Yogurt, carrots, salads – in a couple of weeks you will lose a few pounds. You know, being thin is a great virtue in our time; a lot of overweight people are around us, with slim figure adds points in your favor.

Critically examine your wardrobe. Spending thousands dollars is not required: a couple of new shirts or T-shirts may be sufficient. Avoid getting carried away with bright colors, especially shrilly green and yellow; pick the ones you look good in.

Plan a visit of your Russian bride day after day. Consider the places to visit, buy good tickets to the opera, one-day ticket to the nearby resort, plan seeing the sights, visiting to your parents, introducing a girl to your friends.

Read books on the history of your city, so you can be her guide. Think about where you will eat; ask friends about some good places. What cafes are open on Sundays? Where you can have breakfast at 8 am? And so on.

Inquire about any exciting entertainment in your city: a fashionable disco, bowling, parachute jumping, boating, and having a barbecue. If you can drive but have no car, find out about a possibility to rent one, at least for a couple of days.

Buy a few souvenirs for your Russian lady – the album of your city, preferably in English, is a good option here. Some product of the national fisheries, typical of your area, also comes as a nice gift.

Meet not in your hometown? Then, read a book about the area. Knowing the sights they offer and being able to describe them is a win-win. Thus, you’ll easily choose where to go, avoiding the problem of responsibility for the choice.


Believe a girl from Russian is your soulmate?

If you really like a girl, then inviting her to visit you in your country is a natural extension of the relationship. Usually, the best option for her is coming as a tourist. Though, if it’s difficult (United States or Canada), the only way is to apply for a fiancée visa.

Tip: be sure to hide your profile on a dating site. If you’re unable doing that, inform the marriage agencies that perform the function independently. Deleting an online profile may be too early, wait till the wedding.

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