Make her say ‘Yes!’, or How to propose to a Russian girl

Make her say ‘Yes!’, or How to propose to a Russian girl
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Is there a way to pop the question to a girl, without hearing a refusal? Sooner or later, any guy seeking to part with the bachelor’s life faces the issue. Though, the words of ‘marry me’ said in the daily routine are often a failure. So, how to make a beautiful proposal? Use your imagination.

Russian wedding traditions require a man making a proposal to a girl with witness of her parents. Surely, these days almost no one visits a girl’s parents, accompanied by the matchmakers that as if allude ‘you have the goods, and we have a merchant’. Though, men tend to increasingly think about the way to make a beautiful proposal, surrounded by close relatives.

If a girl is a true conservative as to marriage issues, maintains good relations with parents and always listens to their opinion, talking to her in the presence of her parents rather makes sense. A bride’s father and mother will definitely like if you come to visit them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your hands, dressed in a nice suit, thus displaying couth upbringing. Be sure to thank a girl’s parents for having raised a wonderful daughter, mention about a bride’s merits. You can invite parents to a restaurant, or your place, if applied. Surprise soon-to-be parents-in-law cooking a meal by yourself; strap on a pair, reveal your talents!


Want to make a private proposal?

We all face all sorts of problems in a family and at work. If your lady seems to be out of sorts, bored with some trouble, a wedding conversation is to hardly be inspiring. There’s a wholly different proposition: arrange a weekend outing on the sea. Giving up the everyday problems, a girl will gladly listen to you, with the chances of a positive decision being raised. In the picturesque countryside, where a girl gets tuned in to a romantic mood, you will officially give her a ring.


Which date to choose

Not only the location and method are important, but also the date. Great if you timed your request marriage to some important event in the life of his beloved. Such as a birthday, the day of delivery of the diploma of higher or specialized secondary education, 8 March, Valentine’s Day. Orthodox woman overjoyed to hear your proposal on the day Peter and Fevronia, patrons of marriage, on the day of her Guardian Angel. Announce its proposal and can fight under the Christmas chimes. But what about when you’re well prepared, watched videos and photos, how to make a proposal to the girl is beautiful, but were refused, or a request for time to think? Do not show how much you upset, do not press on your favorite. Maybe she really wants to weigh everything. Wait. Treat her still with love and respect. In time, she will appreciate your efforts and understand that it is he who needs her.

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