Does a long distance relationship really work with a Russian woman?

Does a long distance relationship really work with a Russian woman?
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A serious test for love, long-distance relationship may well become a new stage, a sort of a breath of fresh air. Though, some couples get exactly the opposite. Below, we offer a few tips on how to keep the relationship, not losing the wonderful, delicate and pretty mixed feeling we call love.

If you face the prospect of a relationship at a distance, read the article and learn the ways to cope with the issue.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship

First of all, talk to your partner, trying to grasp what each of you wants. Would you like to take a break until the moment when you get a chance being always together or still want to try maintaining the relationship, even if you are far apart.

Keep in mind the relationship will not be so perfect as before, since hundreds or thousands of miles away part you now.

Therefore, if you both feel unable living without each other, being a perfect match, then why not trying a long-distance relationship.  Though, if one of the partners is not ready for the task, especially the prospects of lack of sexual relations, then he should admit it directly.

Still believe a long-distance relationship is the issue to cope with? Then, do everything to keep love in spite of the miles and kilometers between you.

Talk to each other as often as possible

You have no opportunity meeting with your loved ones every night or even every week, being in need of communication, short conversations. In fact, any relationship is just nurtured by dialogues. Communicate as often as you can, keep each other informed of the things that happen in your lives. Not irritated with frequent calls? Then use phone to discuss any smallest detail: what you eat for dinner, the color of your underwear, the side of the bed you sleep on etc.


In the long run, if you are unable presenting in each other’s lives physically, the best way to keep love is being aware of every details related to the life of a loved one.

Initiate a face-to-face conversation

For a strong relationship, emotional intimacy is essential. Though, seeing each other visually is no less important, especially in a long-distance relationship. Connect via the Internet using a web camera, write love notes with no special reason, send pics, talk via Skype
a few times a week and remember to look good when you do that.

Forget about jealousy

If you want a relationship withstanding the test, remember once and for all: avoid being jealous of each other. Jealously is the problem most lovers face. Take a reality check: yes, you know that your partner is very attractive to the opposite sex, and you can do nothing if someone suddenly starts buzzing about your girlfriend, or hearing the rumor of her seen on a date with another guy, or disliking her status in a social network, ‘last night was fun!’.


Stop! Do not be jealous! We’re talking about your love mate. This woman is entirely yours. Getting started off is so easy, you know it. So calm down and wait until she tells you everything, and not other people.


How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Alive

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