Online dating: facts to know

Online dating: facts to know
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Quite often, we hear rather angry words as to virtual communication: social networks, dating sites, matchmakers and similar resources. Despite the fact social networks helped many people finding a soulmate or a business partner, a stereotype of negative attitude to the kind of communication still exists.

We offer some hints and tips that are of help when you date online:

    1. Forget a belief that the Internet is a bad place to meet a nice person, or a place that is good only for teenagers. It’s just a misconception that prevents you from seeing the true picture of virtual dating. Though, be sure to remember the Web hides a lot of inadequate people (both men and women). Therefore, learn to accurately and quickly identify the individuals, cutting their intentions to play a game short.
    2. For dating, business or personal, one needs to define a type of person he’s looking for, as well as desired expectations. This is required to ‘work’ with one’s target audience, instead of wasting precious time talking to wrong people. Avoid getting fooled, projecting own fantasies onto the other person.
    3. Set your personal projections free. Consider all the candidates in a desired group. Avoid being focused merely on appearance, age (within reason), education, income and profession. These things are very subjective, you see. Imagine that you sell a product, looking for potential buyers in your niche. The technique is necessary for you to act with a cool head. Quite often, we reject those able to make us happy, lost in own illusions or stereotypes.
    4. Fill in your profile in the most complete and honest way (without specifying the address, phone number, place of employment, etc.). Social networks are easy: personal account contains a lot of personal information. Dating websites are a different story. Information provided in the profiles is rather selective, while the account is ‘young’. Next, you need to configure the search filter desired group. Women tend to avoid saying directly they want, unconsciously leaving the type of a man they are looking for in the dark. Typically, this is characterized with a vague status of ‘seek communion’ or ‘looking for friends’, etc. Keep in mind: talk turkey; otherwise, you will just waste your time.


    • 5. The way to behave on a dating site or social network. Be active to update your profile, enjoy all the paid services offered on the website. The more people see you, the better. After filtering the search and obtaining the results, click the ‘like’ button or add best girls to favorites.
    • 6. Sort yourself out. Remember, having a certain life scenario, you attract only certain people with a similar scenario. Though, if the situation repeats itself, going in a circle, personal care may be required. The issue is very complex and individual, with no general recipes involved.

  • 7. Online dating site is a specific place, so having an idea what it offers is desirable. Indeed, without seeing one in real life, you are unlikely to resist the temptation of projecting own fantasies on a newly-met person.
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