Marriage agency: writing a presentation letter

Marriage agency: writing a presentation letter
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Huge and diverse, the world offers us a lot of opportunities that we can only dream of. They are quite approachable, just reach out. So, if you are still single, why not trying to find a soulmate by means of a worldwide network? Here’s where you can really meet anyone. To make the first date being a beginning of something bigger, write a proper presentation letter and send it to a marriage agency. Here are a few tips of help.

Remember: that you are not looking for a lover, but a potential wife. If it is a mailout for the entire database of girls, pay careful attention to the message text, making it as versatile as possible, suitable for almost any woman.

From the first lines, try to interest a girl. If a matchmaking website you are using displays a message title, make it as riveting as possible. Thus, the phrases like ‘you, too, believe in casual encounters?’ or ‘ready to meet the best man of your life?’ Importantly, a presentation phrase should look as if you refer to the girl personally.

A bit of humor and mother wit is a good way to go. Though, keep a civil tongue, especially dealing with a Russian girl. Not all of our jokes are understood by Slavic people. Sometimes even the most innocent (in our opinion) phrases can be interpreted quite differently.

Tell about your goals and plans for the future, though, avoid excessive frankness, since the lady is still unknown to you. Ask questions about her hobbies or interests, list your own in turn. Write about how you usually spend your day, mention that you miss a soulmate. Be positive and bright. No sadness. Avoid writing too long letters. To get started, one or two paragraphs are enough. A tip: draw up a text, chop off whatever is needless, leaving only the most interesting part.


What could be more effective than a presentation letter?

If you want to win a Russian woman’s heart by means of personal correspondence, it’s better to prepare a bit different template. In this case, such letter should contain the parts related to a specific girl: her name, some details of her photos or profile. Understandably, the message is sent manually. There’s more to come. When it comes to online dating, both the words you write and the way you do it are important. There are plenty of nuances related to Slavic mentality. Even speaking the language, you can make a mistake in tone or phrasing, giving wrong impression.


Consequently, applying to a reliable online dating service, where they help with the presentation letter and choosing a dream girl of yours is the most reasonable and efficient way to get married. As a pleasant bonus, you are offered an expert’s consultation as to the proper approach to building a relationship with a particular woman. With real information in the profile, proper communication technique and honest attitude, you are to quickly find a suitable partner with common interests, which is an important criterion when you seek to start a family. A profile in an online dating agency works for you round the clock, seven days a week, attracting best girls to you.

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