Prevent regular problems of adaptation and homesickness

Prevent regular problems of adaptation and homesickness
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Meeting a bride

Believe us, your betrothed is as nervous as you are. Try to call a girl before she leaves her country, and, if there’ll be a change, call her in the point of transfer. On meeting your lady, be gentle and tender, especially if she’s very tired. Women usually expect your affection, wants you to hug and kiss her.

On your way from the airport, feel free telling a girl about the places you’re driving by, be positive and joyous. When you first meet a Russian girl, capture her attention by talking about your home and garden; it’s important, since you will live there together. Besides, she would like to learn about your family photographs and paintings on the walls.

On the whole, try to relax and be yourself. Ask if she would like to have snack, or sleep after the journey. Court your Russian lady, avoid proceeding directly to ‘business’ conversation. Dine in the restaurant quietly or order takeaway. Remind a girl calling home, they are worrying for her there.

Cultural differences

In the West, there exist a lot of everyday things that are unusual for Russians. Firstly, everybody smiles. If you do not smile, they begin asking you what’s wrong. Recommend your bride to keep smiling too, at least in a close company of acquaintances. You know, these Western thrillers show Russians as dark and evil people, with absolutely no sense of humor.

Besides, explain your girlfriend everyone in your town is used to greet each other. People say hello to a cashier at the superstore, a shop assistant at the bakery, serviceman at a petrol station. And it’s not just a ‘hello’, but ‘how are you?’ To answer, one says ‘it’s ok’.


In Russia, clothing is a symbol of social and material status, an indicator of prestige. In your country, the attitude towards clothing is purely utilitarian: clothes just should be comfortable and easy to wear. T-shirts, shirts and blouses are changed every day, so they must be easy to wash and iron.


If a Russian girl is used to wear clothes from expensive designers, that habit of hers can be perceived as eccentricity. Tell her people in your country do not spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes or a sweater. In everyday life, even very rich people dress simply.

First months abroad

In the first months, language is the main problem. In the West, we speak different English, rather than they are taught in Russian schools. Even if a girl’s knowledge of the language was rated as good in her country, first time abroad she’ll feel as if understanding not a word. It is the speed of speech. Tell your bride not hesitate asking people (and you) to speak slowly; it’s better than trying to answer a question, without understanding the meaning. Watch TV together, especially feature films, there they speak normal, plain language.


And of course, let your wife calling home more often: take advantage of the weekend rates, use telephone communication via the Internet. Live conversations will help your bride dealing with homesickness.

Far and by, if your relationship is good, and you really love each other, no special problems of adaptation will occur.

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