Dating online: tips for men

Dating online: tips for men
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As most ladies say, a man should be smart, able to keep a conversation going and proactive. Well, at least he should first make a step towards a new relationship.

How to get acquainted with a Russian girl online? What to do? What to say? How to behave? What if she refuses? Doubt and uncertainty sometimes ruin a man’s desire to get acquainted in the Web. Besides, many have strong prejudices believing that cafes, restaurants, cinemas, clubs and museums are the only places to meet a girl. One is free to get acquainted in any public place! Another question: how to do it the right way? Desirably, be non-standard. You know, unusual approach hardly leaves a lady indifferent.

The share of taciturn men is much higher than that of eloquent guys. Tough, as you see this still not prevents one from starting successful acquaintances. It is much worse when the very thought of meeting a girl embarrasses a man. Psychologists and coaches identify 5 common obstacles to meeting Russian girls online:

  • 1. Fear of fault (she may well say nothing, or even turn you down).
  • 2. A thought she already dates someone else, and the courtship is useless.
  • 3. Doubt: whether she’s interested?
  • 4. Anxiety: am I capable of starting an interesting dialogue and leisure at the proper level?
  • 5. Fear of the unknown.

Experts admit: fear and anxiety when dating online are justified. Though, if you really like a woman, avoid thinking she’ll make the first steps. As a rule, a Russian girl leaves an initiative to a man. Want a relationship? Love? Family? Bring The Action! The first thing to do is giving you the right to make a mistake. There are no perfect people, so allow things developing in a free way. Remove control. If you are refused, so it’s not your destiny.

Put gravity of the occasion down. For this, psychologists recommend mini-training: close your eyes, relax. Mentally, go up above the line of your life. Look down, imagine another acquaintance in a series of other events as a small dot; feel how weak your excitement is.


Remember, you communicate to a real person. Tell yourself that you just want to learn more about a Russian women, just to choose whether she’s worth the action. Genuinely be interested in a woman. Avoid attaching much importance to the way you look in her eyes; you know, we like people who are interested in us.

Dream on. Visualize a situation of a real date. Imagine that your attempt is successful. You leave with a stunning result: an appointed rendezvous, a girl’s phone number, or even go to the nearest café with your new Slavic bride. Concentrate on the sensations in your body, a smile on your face. Remember these feelings.

And go ahead.

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