Dating with Kazan woman for serious relationship in 2017

Dating with Kazan woman for serious relationship in 2017
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In these days of January it would be the year, as we are happy together.

Looking candidates proposed by the marriage agency, I turned my attention to one of them – my future sweetheart.

Pretty face, bright eyes, bright smile, I realized that those girl was worth paying attention to. Soon we moved on to personal contact and almost immediately, I invited Kate on a date. Frankly, I did not expect that she would reply positively, and was ready for a long correspondence, but, though not immediately, she agreed. We liked each other and started dating – dating from the first day.

Now, I would like to tell more about our first date, and about the advice of the website.

1. If you sit down at the table, it is better to sit opposite each other than next to a girl, in such a way she feels that she has the necessary personal space. If you sit too close, she will feel uncomfortable.

2. How to show interest during the conversation? In the psychology of communication, there are some basic rules of how to display the interest in the conversation. Nodding tells the other person that you are listening actively and follow what he says. With this, you keep the conversation and encourage the interlocutor to continue the story. Your torso should also be slightly inclined toward the interlocutor.

3. During the conversation, it is important to maintain eye contact, and also, If it is possible, look at the objects of the discussion. You can also show an interest and enthusiasm for the conversation, if you repeat certain words or phrases from the story of the interlocutor.

4. Humor is a very sensitive topic, in the case where two people still do not know each other well. It may happen that your partner will not be able to understand when you’re joking and when you are not, as not all people quite clearly show their facial expressions and gestures. So do not forget that humor, not supported by the relevant manifestations of body language can mislead your interlocutor.

For this situation, there are also tips to help avoid misunderstandings. When you’re joking, slightly tilt your head to the interlocutor. If you think that it can look unnatural, you can just smile and finally noted that it was a joke. Remember that your partner do not know you well and do not expect that he will read your thoughts.

5. How to show a personal interest? Experts in the field of communication psychology advise in this case the same strategy as for showing interest in the conversation: slightly tilted to the interlocutor, smile and maintain eye contact. Women often show their interest, tilting the head slightly, lowering her chin and glancing from under her lashes, biting his lips .. Short touch (for example, when both laugh good joke) also speak of personal interest. In addition, some of the things you can put into words already on the first date. For example, you can say that you had a great evening and would be pleased to meet again!

I can say, that our first date was great! I would never forget my first impression of her: tiny, even smaller than I imagined, even cuter face than in profile. We liked each other and started dating – dating from the first day.

In these days of January it will be the year, as we are happy together. We love each other, make plans for the future, we are going to start a family. Many thanks to the team of the site, for the help you have given me in Dating Kazan woman!

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