Online dating: tips to write your first letter

Online dating: tips to write your first letter
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Regardless of whether you respond to an ad or a letter from a potential Russian bride the principle of creating the first letter remains the same. Your first letter to a woman should be long enough to interest, but not bother her – 1.5 – 2 pages. It should be informative, and at the same time entertaining and interesting. A little bit of humor is always welcome. It’ll be good if you add some words written in her native language. A girl from Russian is to definitely appreciate a guy who’s interested in her culture. Prepare a sample letter, so, in the future you will just vary some details, sending a letter to different girls.

Since a man is traditionally the one to initiate a contact, be sure to mention where you got a girl’s address from. Tell that you are looking for a partner like she, and quote a few phrases of her own description.

When answering to a letter from a Russian girl, first thank her for courtesy and warm letter, and tell you really liked it (if disliking a letter, just write a short note of refusal). It is important to show a woman that you carefully read her ad or profile, rather than just sending the same letter to all girls from Russia
that are featured online.

Cite or paraphrase a couple of phrases that you liked best; tell that you think you both are to make a perfect match, wishing to begin correspondence with the girl to get to know each other better.

Briefly tell whom you live with, whether you have any brothers and sisters, what kind of education you received, where you work. The entire ‘autobiography’ should not take more than half a page – but it is very important, since Russian girls attach great importance to family ties.

Next, tell what kind of person you are, what you like and dislike, value most in people, dream of, the place a family takes in your life. If you have any kids, tell a little about them, especially if a woman also has children.


When talking about own positive qualities, ‘praising’ oneself sometimes seems inconvenient. So, give a description as from the words of others (‘my friends say that I am …’). Tell more about own hobbies – not just ‘I love music’, but the kind of music you prefer, favorite bands. If you have any home pets, write about them, remember some funny stories.

Ask a few questions on what you would like to know about a Russian lady, her country. It is desirable that questions about the country were more private; let a girl know that you are already well aware of her homeland, but would like to learn more.

A woman must feel you are interested in her personality. Ask if she is going to come to your country, and if she plans so, when the journey is better to be arranged. Say you will be happy being her guide when she arrives.

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