Online matchmakers: how to get started

Online matchmakers: how to get started
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Want to find a bride in Russia? Estimated your chances and believe to succeed in online dating?
To achieve a goal, you are ready to work, spend money and power.


You understand that, if successful, you will have to bring a foreign person in your country, learning to deal with Russian mentality.


Is that so?

Then let’s go.


For a start, think of what you want to achieve in detail.

Try to imagine a mental image of your potential Russian lady. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down the qualities she should possess: age, appearance, character, profession, financial status, family status, and so on. Divide the sheet into 3 columns, titling one as ‘necessary’, other -‘desirable’ and third -‘no way’. Enter the requirements for your future chosen one in these 3 columns: the ones that really matter to you, those which absence you will be able to survive, and the features that you absolutely won’t stand. Make a final list. Now you know what you want and what you need to strive for.

We are aware this may sound a little far-fetched, but it must be done.

A usual objection to the formulation of requirements in writing: ‘I already know what I want.’ Writing down one’s requirements is the same that having a compass and map in the pocket, when going on a hike. Your goal is already being materialized. Search with no explicit requirements can be compared with a purposeless shopping trip. Often, we buy a thing, and find it does not fit into any other of our wardrobe only at home. In case you have no clearly defined goal, any Russian girl may impress you, and we doubt that’ll be the right partner.

With a clear understanding of a purpose, achieving it is much easier. You can immediately note that a woman does not suit you, not wasting time on useless correspondence. If a girl rather avoids informing you of any important (to you) information about her life, you will immediately see what is missing, asking her about it before spending time and effort. The concept of ‘I will immediately feel she is my destiny’ is good for those who hope for a miracle.


We are unable to getting some imaginary things. Having a goal, you feel it’s something real, something that you can achieve. Confidence in what you want develops the desire to act, stimulating your activity. With a clear image of a Russian bride in your head, you unconsciously begin to act so that to attract this lady. Whether you believe in God or not, there is a higher power to help us achieving our goals. Prayer is nothing else as the creation of a clear image of a goal, and this method works for centuries. Not pushing the unrealistic demands, you can get exactly what you aspire for.

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