Online matchmakers: strategies for successful dating

Online matchmakers: strategies for successful dating
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Unfortunately, the Internet is now full of scammers that are trying to extract money from gullible people. We hope you are aware of not sending money to anyone via Western Union?

Use Skype and video

When dealing with dating sites, men seek to protect themselves from fraudulent profiles, wishing to know it is a real woman they are communicating to, and not just a collection of photos with an email address. A simple way to dispel the doubts is video calling via Skype.

To male video service work, you need fast Internet connection. This is the most important investment (the second most important one is learning some language) you make in your future family life. As to the sizes of perspective dividends, the investment is invaluable.

Spend money on your future life. Treat the reality around you as a transitory phenomenon. You deserve the best.

Talking with Russian girls using video service, you dramatically reduce the number of letters one needs to exchange with a prospective bride; it’s about talking ‘face to face’.
In your profile on a dating site, be sure to write that you are willing to talk via Skype. Thus, Russian women will feel assured you’re real. More will write you, and you will make the best choice.

A photo is important

Your photo is what a woman looks first at. Whether we like it or not, people choose by their eyes.

Good photo is 90% success. You can be the owner of ‘Mister Universe’ title, though a bad photo virtually leaves you no chances. Conversely, men with quite ordinary appearance but good photos receive hundreds of letters. At the stage of the initial choice, a woman is unable appreciating your charm or intellect; everything she sees is your picture.


Phone conversations

Unlike letters, telephone communication has a personified nature. Tone of voice, tone and intonation tell a lot about your interlocutor; and much can be said about you too! Talking on the phone involves communication with a real person.

If after one or two letters you feel a girl is the one you need, tell her your home phone and the most convenient time to call.

The way you answer a phone call BEFORE you know who is calling is very important. This fact says a lot about you as a person. Tone of voice should be soft and warm, and the tone – low. Work out and choose the best sound. Use a ‘friendly’ greeting all the time – it’s a useful thing in your everyday life. A Russian girl must feel that her call is expected, and a man is excited.

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