Russian dating: search criteria

Russian dating: search criteria
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Well, now when you understand there’s nothing to think about but creating a profile and starting communicating with Russian girls online.

Be first to write these girls: the more messages you send, the more answers you get. It’s easy. If you wait until they write you, all the best girls from Russia may well find someone else. You know, the stories of success begin with the words, ‘I’ve just registered on dating site and he wrote me …’

Any man is free to meet his bride on a matchmaker; age, appearance and knowledge of the language are no problem. We constantly receive letters from men of different age and appearance. Believe us, not only young and good-looking men marry Russian girls, those in years also find family happiness.

Negative outcome is still the result. Think about what you can do to improve it. Take a piece of paper and write down the move of your search and contacts, try to determine where the failure occurs. Also, fix your progress, figure out what steps provided the effect.

The main search criteria are patience and hard work. Your woman is looking for you; you just need time to meet.

Describe yourself on a dating site properly

Fix the qualities that you think characterize you. Write down all of them, including negative ones, such as selfishness, stubbornness, and so on. List interests, hobbies and activities that you particularly like. Avoid inventing non-existent qualities or interests. Honesty and candor in describing yourself will help avoiding some problems in the future – remember, one day you’re going to meet your chosen one. What will you do if she well knows how to ski, and you are as сlumsy as a hog on ice? Girls like active men. So, if you like spending hours lying on a couch, or meditating under the open sky, then mention this fact in your letters.


Look at the list you’ve composed and choose which of the qualities you possess match the image of a Russian bride you are searching for. Surely, there will a dozen or two (if your list includes less than 20 qualities, then you have not tried seriously and need to go back to composing a new list). Write down the ‘appropriate’ qualities on a separate piece of paper.

Now, consider which of your qualities and interests most accurately determine your personality.

As a rule, men describe themselves in a rather monotonous manner: kind, honest, sincere; interests – traveling, reading, music, gym. Well, all of this is good and ok, but a way too impersonal and vanilla.

Do not pretend being someone else than you really are. Everyone is interesting in the way he is. If you want to find the right Russian lady, a soulmate, then be yourself. Describe your own identity, not an imaginary ‘ideal’.

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