Russian marriage agency: tips to filter the girls

Russian marriage agency: tips to filter the girls
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When feeling a girl from Russia rather fails meeting your needs, quit the unnecessary conversation. It may seem a sort of cruel thing, but, in fact, what is really cruel is giving people an imaginary hope. Usually, on a dating site a girl may send you a ‘note of interest’, which you may answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to. If you see a lady is not the right one for you, then answer ‘no’; that brings you no harm, and the girl is likely no longer write.


Though, some women may simply send a letter. In this case, you have an option of answering with a polite refusal, simply clicking the link, with no need to write anything.

Some of the most persistent Russian girls may write again. In such a case, show respect for a girl’s perseverance, as well as the courage to tell the truth: she’s not of the age to suit you, or has not the type of education you’d like to. A sincere response helps ladies adjusting their search and write to men that suit them.

Do not tell girls that you have already met someone: if your profile is active, it is assumed that you are still looking for a Russian bride online.

Well, what to answer those you just dislike? It is clear that you do not want offending the other person. The best answer here is: ‘In many respects, you are definitely a remarkable woman, and I am very grateful for your attention. Though, I’ve got a very clear image of my future partner, and, unfortunately, you fail matching it. Good luck in your search.’

Clearly specify your requirements when creating your profile at a marriage agency (partner requirements). This will help filtering unsuitable candidates (though, some of them will still write to you; no harm in trying!)


Important parameters: age, height, body type, education, race. The requirements should sound clearly. Other characteristics, such as personality traits, financial situation, etc., tell more about you than a potential bride of Russia. (You know, wealthy men are afraid of stumbling upon a gold-digger; so, if you see a girl is searching for a rich husband, rather avoid further communication.)

Respond to all the letters received. Notify a woman if you consider her inappropriate. Between the jigs and the reels, honesty and human decency repay a thousandfold. If you’re going to bring your Russian bride to the West, get into the habit of responding to all messages, it’ll be of help.

Have enough time, and a woman wrote you a personal letter rather than just sending an expression of interest or a template? Then, you are better to send her a personal refusal instead of ‘polite No’ – no woman will be mad at you; alternatively, you can even receive the letters of thanks for your negative answer! This way, you are free to find a lot of friends. Far and by, it never hurts to have a couple of dozen people wishing you well.

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