Hunters for foreign suitors: who are those Russian brides?

datingirl As you know, Russian women are considered being both beautiful and thrifty, good housewives. At the same time, it is believed the qualities are currently not the reason for Western men to marry a girl. Surely, if a man generally not seeks marriage, then no wiles are of help. When a man really wants to start a family, it’s a whole new ball game.

Russian women: myths and reality

brideforsex Well, we all periodically hear the same old story of Russian women being selfish hunters for foreign husbands. The more furiously the authors of the concept ‘unmask’ those brides of Russia the more obvious the fact of mere envy is. Often, these are the ladies with lack of knowledge of a foreign language or poor personal life that find intermarriage as a bad idea.

Dating online: tips for men

bride As most ladies say, a man should be smart, able to keep a conversation going and proactive. Well, at least he should first make a step towards a new relationship. How to get acquainted with a Russian girl online? What to do? What to say? How to behave? What if she refuses? Doubt and uncertainty sometimes ruin a man’s desire to get acquainted in the Web

Tips men to use when dating online

russianbrideformarriage Women traditionally stay away from bores and boors, rude ones and those bragging of their ‘high position’ in the society. Therefore, always mentally pronounces the words you want to say out loud. Be natural. You know, if you are ‘playing’, the more intimate communication still reveals your true nature.

Online matchmakers: strategies for successful dating

avascam Unfortunately, the Internet is now full of scammers that are trying to extract money from gullible people. We hope you are aware of not sending money to anyone via Western Union?

Found your Russian lady? Prepare for a real date

girlrussian As you see, being aware of the terms of a future date gives you time to prepare. There is a saying of ‘you can never be too rich, too thin or too tan’. Well, the last ones are available to anyone. Have some free time? Visit a tanning salon

Russian dating: search criteria

datingwomenrusian Well, now when you understand there’s nothing to think about but creating a profile and starting communicating with Russian girls online. Be first to write these girls: the more messages you send, the more answers you get. It’s easy. If you wait until they write you, all the best girls from Russia

Online dating: tips to write your first letter

girlfromukrainesexy Regardless of whether you respond to an ad or a letter from a potential Russian bride the principle of creating the first letter remains the same. Your first letter to a woman should be long enough to interest, but not bother her - 1.5 - 2 pages. It should be informative, and at the same time entertaining and interesting. A little bit of humor is always welcome. It’ll be good if you add some words written in her native language

Online matchmakers: how to get started

rightgirldate Try to imagine a mental image of your potential Russian lady. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down the qualities she should possess: age, appearance, character, profession, financial status, family status, and so on. Divide the sheet into 3 columns, titling one as ‘necessary’, other -‘desirable’ and third -‘no way’

Russian marriage agency: tips to filter the girls

tipsofrussians When feeling a girl from Russia rather fails meeting your needs, quit the unnecessary conversation. It may seem a sort of cruel thing, but, in fact, what is really cruel is giving people an imaginary hope. Usually, on a dating site a girl may send you a ‘note of interest’, which you may answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to. If you see a lady is not the right one for you, then answer ‘no’; that brings you no harm, and the girl is likely no longer write.

Dating with Kazan woman for serious relationship in 2017

kazan-women In these days of January it would be the year, as we are happy together. Looking candidates proposed by the marriage agency, I turned my attention to one of them - my future sweetheart.

Russian Pretty Ladies become available to you in 2017

Russian Pretty Ladies Stunning beauty – is the main weapon of the pretty Russian ladies that overwhelms any men. This is what makes married Russian brides so special. Of course, this is not said to diminish the beauty of other girls, but we just want to underscore a very important fact that cannot be denied – Russian beauty is peculiar and very special, unlike that of the Western girls or Asian ones

Live chat with wonderful Russian women in 2017

wonderful Russian women in 2017 Everything started with a banal message and some compliments about her lovely curly hair. We spent an insane amount of evenings in conversation about everything, and here it is - the first date, the first flowers, the first kiss, which creeps through the body... I am really sure that she is my happiness! If someone has not found a soul mate - do not despair. The happiness will come to you, just do not lose hope and continue searching with the help of

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