Top three mistakes you make at a dating site

Every day, millions of guys visit dating sites, look at girls’ photos and send messages in order to catch attention, interest and proceed to real dating.

Things to be prepared for when searching a bride from Russia

Imagine a picture of a quiet family happiness, when a beautiful, house-proud woman is waiting for you at home? Well, this means you are dreaming of a bride from Russia. Slavic girls are smart, savvy, very loyal and patient wives. Solemnizing a marriage with a foreign girl, bringing her to your country is quite real.

Dating sites: tips to come up with the choice

In recent years, the world literally faces fashion for Russian wives. A legend of beautiful, kind, economic, virtually perfect women that live within the territory of the Russian Federation is circulating in the air. According to the legend, almost every Slavic girl dreams is just eager to marry a foreigner, even that much more senior her.

Find out what Russian women fears are and how to deal with them

In terms of female consciousness, fears are very important. They make a woman's behavior illogical and even absurd. Sometimes, only a real man is able coping with a girl’s anxiety.

Russian dating: 6 fatal errors of the independent search

Daily, we are dealing with the stories of men who have tried finding a wife from Russia on their own. At the first tutorial, we investigate their previous experience to understand why dating led to no wedding.

Prevent regular problems of adaptation and homesickness

Meeting a bride
Believe us, your betrothed is as nervous as you are. Try to call a girl before she leaves her country, and, if there’ll be a change, call her in the point of transfer.

Marriage agency: writing a presentation letter

Huge and diverse, the world offers us a lot of opportunities that we can only dream of. They are quite approachable, just reach out. So, if you are still single, why not trying to find a soulmate by means of a worldwide network? Here's where you can really meet anyone.

Online dating: facts to know

Quite often, we hear rather angry words as to virtual communication: social networks, dating sites, matchmakers and similar resources. Despite the fact social networks helped many people finding a soulmate or a business partner, a stereotype of negative attitude to the kind of communication still exists.

Does a long distance relationship really work with a Russian woman?

A serious test for love, long-distance relationship may well become a new stage, a sort of a breath of fresh air. Though, some couples get exactly the opposite. Below, we offer a few tips on how to keep the relationship, not losing the wonderful, delicate and pretty mixed feeling we call love.

Learn the most important things about giving gifts and shopping with Russian women

Before making up your mind as to the type of a gift suitable for a Russian girl, you may simply ask her what she really likes. You know, sometimes a simple bouquet of flowers can cause a lot more emotion than extremely expensive jewelry.

Learn how to check that the woman's interest is genuine

Women are naturally mysterious creatures. Here you are having a great flirt with her, thinking she’s deeply into you. Though, when stepping towards a closer contact, she suddenly refuses. Girls are so proud, not showing their interest openly. At the same time, there are signals that cannot be hidden.

Why do Western men hunt for Russian brides?

What are the features that distinguish Russian women from those living in more secured countries, forcing foreigners to spend a lot of money just to marry such a girl? In a stubborn desire to get things done, some men visit Russia repeatedly. As a whole, Western men believe Slavic girls are kind, caring and thrifty wives.

Make her say ‘Yes!’, or How to propose to a Russian girl

Is there a way to pop the question to a girl, without hearing a refusal? Sooner or later, any guy seeking to part with the bachelor’s life faces the issue. Though, the words of ‘marry me’ said in the daily routine are often a failure. So, how to make a beautiful proposal? Use your imagination.

Glide your way through marriage visas and ways to bring your fiancée into your home country

Typically, most people choose concluding a marriage in a man’s country. If you are going to live in your country, then, surely, contracting a marriage at a place of intended residence greatly facilitates the procedure of a woman’s relocation and adaptation: certainly legitimate, the marriage will require bunch of papers to legalize, as in the case of getting married in Russia/Ukraine or somewhere else.

Russian women: myths and reality

Not so long ago, Europe experienced a sort of fashion for Russian women. Foreigners somehow believe Slavic girls are submissive, undemanding, hardworking, understanding, patient, strong and beautiful. Is that really true? Let’s try to grasp the issue.

Happy finding the best Russian women online

russian wife Being single I was pretty sure that best Russian women for dating can be found in Russia only. I even couldn’t imagine that this was possible to do over the net. But one day when I found a story on the net about dating Russian girls online turned my life upside down. That way I started to explore different websites and communities in order to find that service which can be helpful for me to seek and meet single girls from Russia.

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