Is finding Russian girls online difficult overall?

Is finding Russian girls online difficult overall?
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Despite a still pretty stable resentment to relationship on distance, dating Russian girls online is a pretty viable option, especially if a subject of your adoring is miles away from you. And however many encouraging pieces of advice you get, it may not be easy for you to start dating them online if you haven’t ever tried it before.

Table of content:

  1. What do the statistics say?
  2. Looking for a partner outside of the dating websites
  3. Russian websites you can use
  4. Social networks
  5. VK
  6. Forums
  7. Basically running into a person randomly
  8. In conclusion

And dating people who speak English on the Internet may in itself be a challenge. It must be incredibly hard to contact Russians, as they don’t speak English very much. But is it? The usual rules often don’t apply to the Web, so the only option to know if it’s objectively hard or easy is to observe and try it. Let’s do just that.

What do the statistics say?

The real question should sound something like: ‘What is the probability of coming across a Russian woman that you like on the Internet’. It really isn’t something you should try to measure because the human factor is never something you can estimate.

It especially doesn’t sound very viable because you can always go and date Russian girls online via dating websites. This approach, however, isn’t very reliable. You can’t trust a website to find a woman that shares your interests, whereas it’s very important to have common interests with a person. After all, not all Russian people use foreign dating websites. They do on this website, though.

Looking for a partner outside of the dating websites

It’s really more bonding to find a partner while experiencing something together. Be that something pleasant or unpleasant — you get a strong memory that will give you a nice head-start.

Finding Russian girls online the natural way won’t be very painful. After all, Russians made 18% of all the content on the Internet. That gives you a rough idea of how wide-spread is their language on the Web. Even if it’s all wrong and the Russian language isn’t very popular among users, a lot of websites use this language as primary or one of the main ones.

All in all, Russian is one of the most popular languages online. If you know Russian to some degree, you may try to venture out into the unknown and either visit Russian websites (they utilize the domain .ru) or surf through the Russian segments of known forums.

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Russian websites you can use

There are lots of Russian websites, as you might’ve understood by now. But it’s not that easy to use most of them because of the one simple fact.

Russian Web, commonly known as Runet, rarely interacts with other portions of the larger Internet. Like in life, they are pretty isolated and do their own thing.

Whereas you can get recommended Spanish or German videos on Youtube due to cultural and linguistic similarities (and also the stupidity of the algorithms they use), rarely do people just stumble upon a Russian video. It might also be due to the fact that smaller segments of the Net depend on the English, but you can’t know for sure.

Russians largely don’t know English very well, making them stuck in their respective online area. That means you have to look for them in order to find them.

Social networks

Because of their independence from the large Internet, Russians have an opportunity to start their own websites for Russian-speakers exclusively. And they do — of course, the social networks Russians try to get as many foreign people to use them because Russian Web is pretty limited.

That’s why most of the websites Russians use to communicate with each other also enable English-speaking people to participate in all activities. At the very least, such websites provide a good English localization of most of the content.

The one site that advanced the farthest in this aspect is VKontakte.


You might’ve heard something about this website. Basically, it’s a social network heavily ‘inspired’ by Facebook. But frankly, in some aspects, it’s more comfortable to use than Facebook ever was. You can at least give it a chance and make an account there, it has a full English translation.

The greatest advantage of VK, of course, is the fact that you get a lot of Russian people in one place, and you can see their interests at one glance. And here goes the main difficulty.

There’s no reliable way of telling the level of English a woman you found possesses. There is an option of the point out what languages you know at your profile, everyone can see that, but you really should use your intuition to learn if she’s any good at that.

You can always look for one in the communities that learn English or use it in their posts. The latter mostly applies to the comical communities. Or you can always start your own chat using the fact that people in VK generally don’t interact with English-speaking very often, and they really like to do it.

Still, even if you look for a woman that speaks English, you have to know Russian to some degree, because otherwise everything there will only confuse you.

But even after all the advantages acquired, it’s still pretty hard to get to know people with the same interests right away. You have to make up a system that will attract attention of your fellow users.


Visiting Russian forums and similar websites isn’t the best option, because they generally don’t support the English language. So, unless you know Russian perfectly, it’s not a place for you.

However, there are significant Russian segments in almost every major forum on the Web. It’s not too hard to find like-minded people in such an environment. Find a search plaque and type in a word in Russian with which you can associate some of your biggest interests. You’ll still have to understand at least some Russian to know, what they are talking about in there.

You’ll also have to spend some time there, so it’s better to stick to social networks.

Basically running into a person randomly

To be frank, it’s the only way of finding a girlfriend most people utilize. Just waiting until the opportune moment presents itself isn’t very viable of a strategy. If you don’t feel like visiting the Russian part of the Internet, you should give a chance to dating websites.

And if you don’t like an idea of that, your only option is to be patient and aware. It’s not a bad option, mind you. But you should at least be socially active online to maximize a chance of running into a woman you like. For example:

Join communities of your interest;

Choose to interact with Russians whenever you can;

Don’t discard Russian people you like, and continue to be in touch with them, acquaintances lead to acquaintances

Many Russian actually join English-speaking communities and speak English there, so it’s not impossible to find a Russian without actively looking for one. Just have fun in places you like, and eventually, you’ll find one of the Russian girls online.

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In conclusion

In the end, the answer is yes. Unless you want to use the quickest and less reliable sources, you’ll have to overcome a lot of obstacles. Learn a bit of Russian, be socially active and get into the same groups the Russians join. It’s not very hard, considering that Russians are literally everywhere on the Web.

But if you aren’t satisfied with this answer, you should check out other articles about dating Russian girls online. Maybe they will help you. As an alternative to reading, you can also watch the video below for some useful info:

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