Is it common for a Russian wife to cheat on her partner?

Is it common for a Russian wife to cheat on her partner?
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Dating Russian women and, in the end, getting into a marriage with one, requires a bit of investment on both sides. It’s not like you can peek around the corner and pick a woman of taste right away. You need to develop a sort of spiritual bond in order for the relationship to last.

Table of content:

  1. Misconceptions about Russian marriage
  2. Reality
  3. Do they change partners a lot, then?
  4. Who does it apply to
  5. How loyal is a Russian wife?
  6. How can you minimize the risk
  7. Be responsible
  8. In conclusion

But say you want to marry a Russian woman, and you know you won’t cheat on her because you came a long way for this, but will your Russian wife or girlfriend be as loyal?

It’s a good question because there are lots of wild misconceptions about Russian marriage and relationships in general. And if you don’t know something for sure, you don’t generally expect anything good.

Be advised, however, that there isn’t an ultimate guide for any possible relationship, and it’s mostly a generalization of whatever solid facts you can get. They are still pretty useful, as you know what to expect before deciding to marry a Russian

Misconceptions about Russian marriage

Well, women from Russian are the best in every aspect, including the longitude of an average relationship, correct? No. They are mortals, the same as everyone else. The belief is that they are either very loyal and think that marriage is sacred, or that they are overall demons. It’s mostly the former, however.

The common way of thinking is that Russians love their traditions to the bone, and that implies the traditional way of life, aka marriage. If you were lead to believe that Russian are super-traditionalist people, it’s alright. Search ‘Russian woman’ and you’ll get tons of women in traditional outfits.


Reality is a bit more frustrating, however. It’s true that Russian people marry earlier than on average in Europe or America. But there are also a lot of examples when people marry several times in their lifetime. That’s because Russia is one of the World leaders of divorces per capita.

It’s mostly due to the stupid belief that you should get into marriage to ‘solidify’ a relationship, whereas everybody else does it at the peak of a relationship. Conclusively, after a few years, life may become repetitive and you may start discovering nasty facts about your partner. Combine it with generally a very depressive tone of life in Russia, and you’ll get a recipe for perfect divorce.

And Russians can be quite pushing and uncompromising. You shouldn’t be afraid to say no to suggestions of marriage, but you should also say why (it’s up to you, btw). 

Mind you, not every Russian wants to marry as soon as possible nowadays. Today, people often grow up in shattered marriages and really don’t want the same for their children. If you seal a relationship with a marriage, it doesn’t mean it’ll be harder to leave. It means that if you leave, it will be a lot more painful.

Image of a married couple

Do they change partners a lot, then?

Had you asked that question about 10 years ago, the answer would be ‘unlikely’. It seems, people back then used to stick to each other for a longer time than now. Today, people have more opportunities, more things to entertain themselves. Were you deprived of that before, you’d grow quite careless as well.

If you start to date such a person in the early 20s, it probably won’t get to marriage (because who needs that). So, it’s probably for the best that people have to get mature a lot later now.

Who does it apply to

It only applies to people who constantly hang out in large groups, and not even most of them. There’s a class of certain people who aren’t very steady at their relationships, you can tell (if you have some sense of judgment).

It’s not an average person, however. If you choose to date people who don’t go extreme all the time, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to have a stable relationship. It’s not a lot different from what you would’ve experienced in your home country. In the end, dating Russians isn’t very special, unless you look for something special.

For example, hitting on women who get plenty of attention already. And why would you do that, there are lots of good-looking women already, pick one that suits your own personality and interests. It’s much better, really.

How loyal is a Russian wife?

It’s hard to say for everybody, but the cause of issues in a marriage is rarely disloyalty. Especially if you don’t marry a woman right away, but wait until you’ve developed a perfect bond and soil for living together.

Apart from the earliness of marriage, which can cause new problems in a relationship overall, there is really no other unique trait that can cause cheating in a Russian marriage. To be honest, you should see what kind of person your alleged future Russian wife is and figure out if she’s capable of something like that.

How can you minimize the risk

You can also minimize the risk of your marriage breaking up because of cheating by these several steps:

  1. Not getting marriedas soon as you start to like your future Russian wife, and wait a few years until you understand each other completely. If that’s impossible to achieve such state, then you’re better off not married;
  2. Not getting marriedtoo early. It’s clear that rarely anyone wants to get married early. But still, there are people with interesting mindsets. Just don’t;
  3. Not cheating yourself. It may be shocking to you, but most of the cheating in marriages is done by men, sadly. You can also overcome this issue by not getting married too early. After all, if you aren’t loyal, why would she be?

Do this, and the risk of you being cheated on will be low as never. That’s no all, however. Apart from the highly personal issues you may face on your way, there’s also a question of responsibility which you should radiate at all times (or at least pretty often) while dating a Russian woman.

Be responsible

Picture of a responsible marriage

You should also keep in mind that people generally don’t cheat just for the sake of it, rather because there’s something lacking in a relationship: love, gentleness, emotion, interest, you name it.

In order to stop the relationship from running downhill, learn to show more interest to your girlfriend/wife. If you struggle to do so because of her personality, it must be a clear sign that you aren’t made for each other. But if the cause of your lack of attention is in something else, you really ought to reevaluate your priorities.

All in all, don’t treat your relationship with a Russian woman as an interesting experience. That said, you can do it, but only if you aim to have a serious relationship going. That’s especially true if you date a woman partially online and partially as usual. In this case, treating it as if it’s an inferior substitute to a classic dating will not work out for you.

In conclusion

There’s really no unique line of behavior that enables a Russian wife or girlfriend to cheat on a partner. It’s the same as in any other country and culture. That said, Russians do marry pretty early, making it easier for different personal issues to destroy a healthy relationship.

In a lot of ways, figuring out how tempting it is for your partner to cheat on you is up to you. Same as fixing all the rubbish that lead up to this tempting. Making detailed guides for people to figure out this stuff is near impossible, neither should anyone, because it’s your relationship. Knowing what you may expect before you start dating, on the other hand, is a smart move.

If you aren’t satisfied with the answer you’ve got after all that, then feel free to explore some of the other articles regarding dating Russian people. There are lots of them on this website. And here’s the video that can interest you, have fun:

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