Is it easy to persuade Russian female to leave Russia?

Is it easy to persuade Russian female to leave Russia?
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Given you don’t speak perfect Russian, staying in this magnificent country won’t be easy. And after all, you wouldn’t want to stay in Russia, most likely. It’s isn’t the most welcome and comfortable place for a European or American. Add to that nuisance of having to learn the language of the country you stay in — that’s a pure nightmare, isn’t it.

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  1. How difficult is it for Russians law-wise
  2. What can hold her back
  3. Education
  4. All the other stuff
  5. Depends on the destination
  6. Other Slavic countries
  7. Asia
  8. In conclusion

Wouldn’t it be better if the Russian female you date for a long time now wanted to leave with you to your, or any other, pleasant country? It is possible, but it won’t be easy in most cases. Definitely not in case of a Russian female you just met online. Moving to another country with a man requires big amounts of trust.

So, how exactly can you make the prospect of moving somewhere easier if possible at all?

How difficult is it for Russians law-wise

Russia doesn’t really have a visa-free regime with many countries of Europe, except for some Balkan states, like:







There is, in fact, a larger number of countries in Asia that welcome Russians without any document other than the international passport everyone has. That goes for countries like India, Iran, Pakistan. Some countries have a lighter visa regime, like Japan, Korea or China.

For virtually any other European country, however, a Russian citizen would need to apply for some form of visa (Schengen, most of the time). Not to worry, though. You only need to wait a few days to get it. What you need to worry about is getting your partner status of a permanent resident.

Most of the time she needs to marry you for that, but sometimes you also need a property in the country to get the status. It’s all the easier for you both if you already have something left in the country you want to live in once again. But if your destination is not only not the place of your birth or previous habitat, but is also outside of the free travel agreement you want to exploit (like the Schengen zone) — you’ll need to work a bit to get there.

Anyway, it isn’t the hardest part of the adventure. The hardest part is to persuade your girlfriend to leave her country.

What can hold her back

Most of the time you won’t have any luck persuading a person to leave with you if she’s got a job, education or family and friends back in Russia. You can do nothing and let the natural order of things sort it all out, but you can also interfere and nobody’s going to judge you for that.

Except if things got messy because you didn’t know what you were doing. But that’s why you’re here — to minimize the risks of it ever happening.

Image of Russian female studying


Having a university to attend back in the home country may sound like a reasonable cause to stay. This is the 21st century, however, and a lot of European universities welcome people from brotherly Russian universities. You can actually transfer from your Russian university to any you have in the country you want to go to, provided the two have similar curriculums.

Or you can wait until her graduation is up if it isn’t 3 or more years away. That will save you the hassle of looking for a new university.

All the other stuff

Leaving a job, family, and friends behind is actually tough. Remedies for that are pretty situational, so it’s up to you to fix these trails.

In fact, the only good advice regarding these would be to not hurry it and just wait until the opportunity or the idea to sweeten the pill of leaving. ‘Leaving everything behind’ isn’t actually a case if you leave for nearby countries. Sometimes the distance is so small, she can reach family within an hour.

For instance, it only takes a few hours to get from Helsinki (in Finland) to St. Petersburg by boat. And you can even take your car with you this way. But again, it’s rather situational.

Depends on the destination

The other important aspect of whether you’ll have any luck persuading a Russian female you chose to date to leave with you is, obviously, the place where you live. The problem with it is that Russians, in fact, aren’t comfortable with some places in the World. As the members of any nation have their precautions, so do the Russians.

Picture of a Slavic woman

Other Slavic countries

The way some Slavs treat other Slavs is a complex subject. Slavic family is quite massive, actually. The Slavic countries span across almost half the continent. And it’s exactly what causes this interesting network of relationships. In short, there are some Slavic countries, the inhabitants of which truly hate Russians (on average), and there are some that like their Russian brethren. Some even opt to be neutral towards them.

If you happen to live in one of these places since the date of your birth, you probably already know how people there view their Russian cousins. But should you move to some other brotherly country that treats your nation well, you may find people there may not like your Russian girlfriend.

Here’s the list of Slavic countries, where an average person treats Russians:

-As friends: Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, Macedonia and Bulgaria;

-Neutrally: Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Bosnia;

-As thorns in the side of the Earth: Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia (some parts);

In short, the latest bunch is where Russians really shouldn’t travel. It’s everyone’s own choice, mind you, not every Pole is a jingoistic madman, that’s just an opinion you’ll likely have to behold.

Western Europe

Despite the popular belief that Russians really don’t like the West (namely, the USA, the UK, France, and Germany and other islets of civilization in Europe), it really isn’t the case. Many Russians leave their fatherland to live in Britain or in Germany. Hate isn’t really a word, the West is more of a bizarre, yet civilized world. Nobody in their right mind would dump a good opportunity to live there, however.

Though, a ‘good opportunity’ is something you need to come across at a great time. And having your boyfriend live in one of these countries isn’t really time-dependent. You can leave whenever you want. Starting there on your own is never easy but, with your help, it’s much more simple and tempting.


Asia as a whole is considered a less-developed continent with weird cultures in it by Russians. Even the Japanese are viewed as either demi-gods or barbaric psychos (that one they deserve).

The most obvious qualm about moving to Asia would be that most of it aren’t exactly bilingual in any quality. The second one is, within a controversy, that living in Asia doesn’t provide more comfort, compared to what Mother Russian gives you.

There are only a few countries in entire Asia where a young Russian female would want to live constantly, mostly because of their similarity to the Western culture (which is way closer than any Asian one):

-Japan. Despite the mixed opinions about the country, it is somehow popular with some share of the Russian youth. It is really impossible to live there on your own, especially without a job you received before coming here. But dating a native gives you a few perks;

-South Korea. Korea is far better than Japan in any aspect: comfort, attitude towards you, culture. AND you can get into a university there, unlike Japan;

-Turkey. Turkey is quite lenient towards foreigners, especially Slavs, whom the Turks treated like garbage not long ago. Which is surprising. Most Russians live in the coastal cities, that’s important to remember. As some parts of the country are literally desert, no one in their right mind would change their home in Russia for this;

-China. Some parts of these ‘Heavenly Kingdom’ are quite nice, despite the image of the country overall as a filthy overcrowded nest. Russians do live here, just not in the big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, they prefer enjoying the ancient culture without the smog, the traffic and other gifts of modern civilization;

Apart from that, there’s really no information that Russians live somewhere in Asia and actually like it. But that, too, is quite situational. This continent is a huge place, don’t take everything here as an ultimate rule.

In conclusion

For the third time, it’s pretty situational, don’t get sad or anything. Moving somewhere is often not about the better quality of life, but rather the experience and mental comfort.

In case you want to know more about the deeper interlacements of dating a Russian female, you can check out some other guide about this, or even watch the video below:

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