Return from Russia with bride: how to make the most of your trip

Return from Russia with bride: how to make the most of your trip
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Russian women have been a prime wife material since ages ago. It’s no secret that a typical Eastern European girl represents a unique amalgamation of external beauty, rich inner world, great mental capacity and traditional family values. Who would refuse to have a wife like that? No one! That’s why so many foreign men make trips to Eastern Europe and try to come back from Russia with bride.

Table of content:

  1. Where should you look for a Russian bride?
  2. Use the services of a local marriage agency
  3. Places to meet girls in Russia
  4. Museums and art-galleries
  5. Night clubs
  6. Parks and gardens
  7. Gyms and sport complexes
  8. Mistakes to avoid

Some of them are successful some are not. But the simple fact is, many Russian women are actually willing to marry a foreigner and move to his country to settle down and start a family. And that is why you should also try your luck if you’re interested in a long lasting romantic relationship with a Slavic lady. Don’t miss your chance of finding someone sophisticated, loving, caring and devoted – someone who’d you gladly share your life with.

Russian brides on dating sites searching for a romantic relationship abroad

Where should you look for a Russian bride?

There are several options to check out when looking for a Russian girl. The best way to get acquainted with a charming Eastern European woman is to join a popular dating site. Joining unreliable matchmaking services is one of the common mistakes people make at dating sites. There are plenty of websites offering matchmaking services, but it’s recommended to go for the largest and most reputable ones. They have a few advantages over other sites:

  • a big database of women’s profiles;
  • targeted audience;
  • verification process in place;
  • a good search tool;
  • support system you can rely upon.

Try to start an online relationship with a woman before you make a trip to her home country – this way you will improve your chances of coming back from Russia with bride.

You can also check out Facebook and penpal sites and see whether you can meet any Russian girls who are interested in a romantic relationship with a foreign man. But if you’re sure online dating will not work for you, perhaps the best way to meet someone special is to make a trip to Russia and try to meet women locally. Of course, approaching girls on the streets and in public places is a daunting task, but if you show a great deal of patience and persistency, there is no reason why this technique shouldn’t work out.

Use the services of a local marriage agency

Come back from Russia with bride using the right techniques

One sure way to increase your chances with a Slavic woman is to visit a local marriage agency upon your arrival to Russia. There are several marriage agencies in every large Russian city, with most of them being internationally oriented.

They will offer you to look through their catalogue and choose a woman or a few women you’d like to get to know. As a rule, managers know the majority of their female clients in person, and they can give you a valuable advice in order to finalize your choices. If you need help of a professional interpreter, a marriage agency will offer you these services at a very reasonable price.

Places to meet girls in Russia

If you don’t wish to visit a marriage agency, there are places you shouldn’t skip if you’re trying to find the woman of your dreams in Russia. Some of them include:

Museums and art-galleries

If you’d like to come back from Russia with bride who is intelligent, sophisticated and with a good taste, check out the local museums, exhibitions and art-galleries. Russian women are renowned for their love to literature, sculpture, architecture and painting. There are plenty of gorgeous museums and galleries in every Russian city, and you can try approaching women there.

It’s easy to start a meaningful conversation when there are so many worthy things to discuss all around you. Ask a women’s opinion on a particular exhibit, and have a pleasant conversation. Visiting such places will give you an advantage – an educated girl is bound to speak English, whereas the majority of Russians don’t speak any languages apart from their own.

Night clubs

Night clubs in Russia shouldn’t be ignored even if you’re not much of a dancer. The thing is, a night club is a place where lots of single Russian girls go in order to meet romantically inclined men. And if you’re actually fond of dancing, a night club is your lucky place! Russian men don’t dance much – they’d rather prefer to sit in the bar, drink and watch the girls dancing. So you won’t have much of a competition when choosing a dance partner.

Dance your night away with a pretty girl and invite her for a date somewhere more peaceful. And no, she won’t frequent night clubs when in a relationship with you – the majority of young people in Russia visit these places only to meet members of the opposite sex. Married women hardly ever go to night clubs at all, and so your wife won’t.

Parks and gardens

There are plenty of beautiful, shady, forest-like parks in Russian cities, and girls like to stroll there after work or studies. The majority of Russian women are huge flower enthusiasts, and they won’t lose a chance to see flowering shrubs of lilacs, magnolia or forsythia. If you’d like to come from Russia with bride who is romantic and fond of nature, don’t hesitate approaching girls in parks and gardens.

Gyms and sport complexes

Unlike Russian men, Russian girls are very enthusiastic about healthy lifestyle and sports. Lots of Eastern women work out on a regular basis either in a gym or at home. They are also fond of jogging and other outdoor activities. They take a lot of effort in order to look good and remain young and attractive even when it gets harder to combat the aging processes. Check out a couple of gyms in the neighbourhood you’re staying in and see what these places have to offer.

Mistakes to avoid

Find a Russian wife during your visit to Eastern EuropeThere are some unwritten rules in Eastern European dating culture you should be familiar with in order to succeed with a Russian girl. It would be a pity to come all the way from your home county and fail to come back from Russia with bride. So here are a few mistakes to avoid:

Neglecting your appearance. Yes, yes, having a great personality is more important than looking good. We all know that. However, it doesn’t work that way with Russian girls. External looks are extremely important for them – that’s why they take so much trouble over them and make sure to make a winning first impression. And no, it’s not a sign of being shallow: they just feel everything should be beautiful and harmonious about a person – their thoughts, their goals, their relationships, and their appearance.

That’s why you should say a determined “no” to crumpled t-shirts and tattered pants when dating a Russian woman. Make sure your outfit is neat and stylish, but it shouldn’t be anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Being meek and hesitant. Of course, you’re in a new country, and it’s understandable if you can’t feeling lost and frustrated. However, if you want to come back from Russia with bride, try to look confident and decisive no matter what. Russian women tend to like assertive men who can easily solve any problem and who know exactly what they want. A man like that can be trusted with important decisions in life, according to them. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should act aggressive. Try to walk a middle path.

Expecting her to split the bill. If you expect a Russian woman to pay for her coffee, ice-cream, dinner or movie ticket, the chances are you’ll never see this woman ever again. Splitting the bill is not common in Eastern Europe – usually a man pays for everything especially if it’s he who invited a girl to go for a date with him. If you feel a place is too expensive for you, don’t go there to start with. There are plenty of options in any Russian city to diversify your dating experience without breaking the bank.

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These were only a few suggestions on how to come back from Russia with bride and how to maximize your chances with a Slavic woman. Needless to say, each experience is different, and you can experiment with methods and techniques. All the best and enjoy your stay in a new country!

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