The most basic principles of a Russian date nowadays

The most basic principles of a Russian date nowadays
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When the mere idea of a Russian date crosses your mind, it is the right time to start thinking about what you are going to do there in order to surprise and impress your Russian woman. You will have to consider hundreds of things, but the most basic principles will help you.

Table of content:

  1. Your first Russian date will be a decisive one
  2. Be ready for new traditions and customs during a date
  3. Arranging a Russian date is not that simple
  4. See if she is sharing the same ideas
  5. Think about your common future first of all

Smiling young Russian girl lying on a field full of flowers with her arm on the foreheadFirst of all, it is extremely important to learn as much as possible about the differences in your mentality and your Russian bride’s one. Unfortunately, not every foreign male can cope with them and it is much easier to find a girl from his country instead of a Russian one.

Another important factor is that the first impression on a Russian lady will be the only thing that matters for real. Of course, you will have to try hard enough during your future dates, but the first meeting will make her decide whether you are going to make a good couple or not.

Certainly, it seems like one of the most difficult tasks to do when you are only getting to know Russian females because they look so feminine and dainty, but they are like this only when a worthy man is nearby. Otherwise, they turn into violent girls any second.

Moreover, when you learn the way any Russian date works, you will realize how simple it is to approach these ladies. You just need to understand that their behavior and mentality are something that you cannot predict just by reading a few articles about them.

It is necessary to practice as often as possible before you can actually say that you have managed to succeed in relationships with a Russian woman.

Your first Russian date will be a decisive one

Before you definitely decide that you wish to start dating a Russian girl, you should at least try to arrange several dates with some of them. There is a huge chance that you will change your mind and the decision to build a family with a Russian beauty will not seem that nice to you.

In fact, the majority of foreign male representatives are sure that it is extremely beneficial and good to date women from Russia just because the latter are so popular and every man is discussing them on a daily basis.

In order to understand whether you are going to build serious relationships with a Russian lady, you simply need to arrange at least one date because you may radically change your mind and start looking for another female.

Besides, even one date will be quite enough to see whether you enjoy or hate Russian women’s character traits and personal features because they may be something different from what you have read in some articles on the Internet.

In addition, you will be able to learn more about a Russian date and its principles without getting into serious relationships that may end up somehow painfully for both of you.

There is no point in long-lasting relationships with a woman you do not respect and it is impossible if she is always getting on your nerves. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such females among Russian ladies and you should be careful with that.

Be ready for new traditions and customs during a date

Young blond Russian woman posing with a huge bouquet of flowers in front of a cameraOnce you meet your prospective Russian wife, you will quickly realize that she is totally different from all the women you have dated before her. For example, she will give you thousands of hints that are not typical for Western European females.

If you have not heard about it, you should know that men pay for women in Russia. It means that if you are going to the restaurant or a café, you will have to pay the whole bill without splitting it between each other.

Even if you decide to suggest her split that, you can be sure that your Russian bride will consider you rude and insecure because even the poorest Russian men never do that in order to have a chance of conquering the lady of dreams.

Another fact that may be unusual and shocking for some males from abroad is that Russian women can be too feminine in some cases. Sometimes they will do everything to make you carry their bags or open the doors for them. There is nothing you can do about it if you wish to remain in good relationships with a certain lady.

That is why you should be prepared for these differences when looking for a Russian woman because some foreign men do not understand that they will never find gender equality while they are in the relationships with a Russian woman. It is not something you can expect, especially when you only begin your relationships and she is trying her best to follow all the local traditions.

Arranging a Russian date is not that simple

The biggest part of foreigners are sure that they can easily conquer any Russian beauty just because they have a lot of money and the status of a respectable man. However, it is no longer enough to pick up modern Russian females, especially in huge cities.

You will quickly notice that the first thing they pay attention to is how you can communicate with girls. Another factor that plays a crucial role is what kind of person you are in reality. All these things matter way more than your finance for sure.

The easiest way to be successful during your first Russian date is to make sure that you can talk without making a pause and discuss as many interesting and exciting topics as possible. Everything else, including your money, is just a good addition to what you already have.

Although, you still can get a Russian bride who is interested in your money only, but you can be sure that she is with you just to use you as her personal purse and nothing else. There is no way you will build happy and long-lasting relationships with such a woman because her priorities are too different from what you expect.

See if she is sharing the same ideas

Smiling young attractive Russian female sitting on a chair with her arms crossed togetherAnother interesting point in organizing your own Russian date is that you are the one who takes the initiative in everything. It means that you will have a chance of getting to know your prospective Russian wife almost in no time.

If you take the first step, she should respond to you in the same way or it means that she does not really share your hobbies and interests. In this case, you will have to think about whether such relationships are suitable for you or it is better to find a better option for the future family.

Start talking about what you are interested in in order to define what your Russian bride’s interests are because it is way more important than getting her in bed after the evening goes to the end. Of course, you will get what you desire, but this is not what brings you closer to building a happy family after all.

Moreover, you will be extremely disappointed if you find out that she has been pretending this whole time in order to make a better image when she is on a Russian date together with you. Certainly, this is not how healthy relationships look like, especially when you only begin since you should be clear when talking to each other.

Think about your common future first of all

The best thing that helps find out whether this particular Russian girl is who you need is to start talking about your common future from the first date. Judging by her reaction, you will make a conclusion about whether she is the right one for you or not.

In fact, you will prove to her that you wish to have serious relationships only and it is a good chance for her to respond the same way. Nonetheless, if you see that she becomes more distant and cold during your Russian date, it is a good sign that she has something different on her mind.

It does not mean that she is a bad girl because she simply does not share your idea of the common future. She is just looking for something else in your relationships while you are already prepared to propose to her in the nearest future.

You are the one who decides what to do with that because if you really enjoy her, it makes sense to give her some time before you make a final decision and break up with her. Maybe she will change her mind and start perceiving your relationships in a different way.

Anyway, it is the best method to see whether she will become a good wife for you since it will help you avoid painful mistakes and unpleasant consequences after all. You should use it for sure when you see a beautiful woman with doubtful behavior.

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