Upsides and downsides of living with a Russian female

Upsides and downsides of living with a Russian female
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Counting what uses a relationship can give you isn’t very sensitive but, from a rational point of view, you can’t say that a relationship that only brings you harm is as good as the one that barely does. After all, why can’t you see what will most likely bring you joy and what you should be aware of? It’s not like you have a lot of experience dealing with Russian ladies and know what to expect.

Table of content:

  1. Russian women are mortal too
  2. Domestic upsides
  3. Are they true?
  4. Do they know how to cook?
  5. Traits of character
  6. Upsides
  7. Downsides
  8. Practical downsides
  9. In conclusion

The subject, actually, is pretty interesting because people tend to attribute some of the most incredible traits to women of this nationality, sometimes even to absurd levels. That, among other things, is because of the men who get extremely frustrated or disappointed by women in their own country. Little do they know, these Russian aren’t necessarily what you see on the Internet.

In the end, let’s see if they really are as flawless as some might expect.

Russian women are mortal too

What’s important to understand is that, in search of a perfect partner for you, nationality shouldn’t be a major factor. Traveling around the Globe and having different experiences is fine, probably. But it’s not like you’ll have a perfect match by sorting out the women of one specific country. Russia, in this case.

An average Russian female isn’t flawless, and not the closest to flawless in the World. Sorry for breaking your fetish. There are also a lot of good nation-wide features Russian have, and a lot of bad features. Some of them may not suit your mentality at all. So, don’t be obsessive.

It really applies to everything, and not only women. If you like something so much that you fail to see flaws in it, you’ll be painfully disappointed very soon.

Domestic upsides

The more optimistic beliefs you may hear is that Russian ladies are generally more responsible in regards to the… chores. Again, the belief that they are much more hard-working in that regard isn’t very well-grounded as of now. It’s understandable where this rumor takes roots.

Are they true?

It all comes to the old Soviet image of people in general. They must be hardworking and not enterprising in the slightest. This image, of course, was well-founded, as citizens of the Soviet Union worked really hard on average. In the end, this belief would be very true were we living a few decades back and not in the year 2020.

All that is left of the Soviet upbringing is ‘labor’ lessons in school on which girls are taught to do, obviously, hard labor. The young women in today’s Russia know their way around the household, but doing chores at home isn’t a priority anymore for a woman. And when it will come to this, she probably won’t do more than necessary (which is like ½ of paramount tasks at hand, the other half goes to you).

Try to do more than you’re asked to. Russian people are still pretty hard-working, they despise laziness to the bone. Being responsible is one of the easiest ways of impressing your Russian girlfriend.

Depending on where you live, it may be more than your usual girlfriend would do or not. So, it’s not really an upside, just a change of pace.

Image of joint chores

Do they know how to cook?

It’s a very good question. The young ladies in the more advanced countries don’t generally like the idea of cooking, as far as modern trends go. It looks like many people across Europe and other continents think it’s very misogynistic to even propose this task to your girlfriend. It’s especially unfair because you can order food delivery at any time.

It’s the same for modern girls in Russia, but at least they know how to cook… mostly. But if you want some home-made food, you shouldn’t ask your girlfriend to do it by herself. It’s not like you can’t learn how to do something on the Internet in a few clicks.

You can cook something together, though. It’s often fun and very bonding of an experience.

Again, it’s not really an upside. Just a change of pace from whatever you could’ve experienced before.

Traits of character

If you want to know how a Russian female you may date in the future will behave in different situations and life in general — you pretty much can’t. Whatever you may deduce from the multiple examples and general upbringing patterns dims next to the common human factor.

These ‘patterns’ and ‘examples’, however, are a pretty reliable source of information if you want to know what to expect at least to some degree. And ‘patterns’ and ‘examples’ don’t imply any scientific research, you just need to observe. So, it’s fair to assume thing based on this.


There are a few unique or just general properties Russian people and women specifically possess:

  1. They aren’t very demanding, that’s one of the greatest advantages of dating Russians compared to dating people from other European countries. Overall, women in Russia don’t expect you to spend terrific sums on gifts or bills for them. It’s common courtesy to be gentlemanly in Russia, but it’s not like people appreciate that you throw money around for them. It’s often contrary to that.
  2. Russian women are very responsible. It may not come across as shocking, but Russians approach most things very seriously. Women even more so — for instance, she may arrange something you agreed upon long before you decided to start your part.
  3. They are also pretty calm, if not relaxed. If you aren’t doing something outstandingly stupid, they’ll not give you as many earfuls as you could expect. Russia is a Northern country, tempers here are ‘colder’ than usual in Europe. It’s not to say that they hide emotions all the time. Only in public and alone, hence you don’t see them smile very often.


It wouldn’t be fun if living alongside a Russian person was easy, would it? Here are some of the disadvantages of these relationships:

  1. They may be very rude. Usually, when a Russian person meets somebody new, they try to be polite, or at least not rude. But as a relationship progresses, the two people learn new things about each other — tensions may start to arise. Russians don’t like many things. Dumb decisions, wasting somebody else’s time, strange opinions, you name it.
  2. They are very vocal. You didn’t want to hear a strong opinion on a pretty indiscreet subject? Too bad, that’s what happens quite often. These opinions go beyond the simple speaking thoughts out loud. Every subject is a very serious matter if you treat it like that. It’s one of the rare moments when you can see a truly passionate Russian female.

Practical downsides

Image of a hugging couple

On another note, there are facts that render a relationship with a Russian female pretty hard if the stars line up incorrectly.

For a start, the woman you choose to be your partner may not even speak English. That’s a very valid fear because barely any people in Russia speak the language on an adequate level, much less on the level that enables you to express yourself to a full extent.

That’s the hardest of practical downsides you may experience, but it may be avoided by looking for a partner on dating websites or matchmakers. The users on such websites may still not be very good in English, but at least the chances are higher.

The other major practical issue is the issue of traveling. Very seldom do Russians live around the corner in your home town, you’ll have to either travel to one of the diasporas nearby or Russia itself to see your girlfriend. And it’s not exactly an easy task.

Even after you’d worked that out, you’ll have to decide where you’re going to live together. You obviously are going to live together with your Russian girlfriend, since you clicked on this article. In this case, you’ll most likely have to adapt to a new environment (and a very culturally different one, at that) or help your lady adapt to a new environment. Either way, it’s pretty nasty.

In conclusion

Again, don’t expect that a Russian female you date will share all of the traits above. It’s just the very common patterns of behavior. Most of what you actually will have to deal with depends on your girlfriend’s personality and how you interact with her.

Is there something else you wanted to know, or you’re just curious to know more about dating Russians? Perhaps, one of the other articles may help you out with that. And in case you aren’t the biggest fan of reading articles, you’re welcome to watch the video below to learn a bit more:

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