Why you may not want to come to Russia to date Russian girls

Why you may not want to come to Russia to date Russian girls
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Staring at the images online, you could’ve gotten one particular though — that it would be awesome to date Russian girls sometime in the future. Or, if you’re more persistent than that or have means for it, you might even consider going to Russia and staying there for a while to see how it feels to interact with a woman from Russia.

Table of content:

  1. It’s not that easy to travel to Russia
  2. You may not even need to go there
  3. The Diaspora
  4. How big are these communities?
  5. It may not be that easy to find one
  6. How serious do they want their relationships?
  7. Most of the Russians aren’t bilingual
  8. In conclusion

That really isn’t a wild goal, Russia is a pretty good place for a short vacation. There are several problems regarding it, however. It may not be wild, but it’s still rash if you want to come to this country without knowing anything about it or if you don’t have a lot of experience traveling.

And overall, you probably have to be more invested in Russia as a country and Russians as people than that. If you are — then you at least have something to work with. Let this article explain it.

It’s not that easy to travel to Russia

Despite the mentioned goodness of Russia as a tourist destination, you shouldn’t consider going here if you:

  1. Didn’t have any experience traveling prior to that;
  2. Are pretty far away from the country;
  3. Don’t know anything about it;
  4. Don’t have any clue as to what to do when you’re here

As to the first issue, a spontaneous decision to go to Russia doesn’t sound very wise if you haven’t been traveling before. It’s just to high a level of a journey for a novice in this area. It’s easy to get confused or even lost. And you shouldn’t rush to acquire this experience just to date Russian girls in the future. There is an alternative, it’s further below.

The second point may cover it up in part if you live near to the country — in Eastern or Northern Europe, for instance. Still, it’s better to know something about the country before going there, as for the third issue. You should make up a plan at least. And fourthly, while you’re at it, you probably need to look up the things to do and see. It’s not like you can spend the entire vacation on a romantic journey.

You may not even need to go there

It’s remarkable to pursue your goal at such lengths, especially if you know what you’re going for and what you want to do with it. But really, if you are ready for such pursuit, you may not even need to go that far as to go to Russia to date Russian girls.

It’s similar to if you were to go to China to taste Chinese food. What this means is, Russians aren’t necessarily found in their homeland, because emigration exists. It’s especially true in the case of Russians because they’ve been emigrating in droves all the time, given how many rough periods their people at home had to endure.

Image of a talking couple

The Diaspora

Russian communities abroad are very numerous, especially in Europe and the United States. Small waves were always there, but it’s only after the WW1 that they began to fly to the West massively. And they have only been coming in bigger and bigger numbers since then.

Since it’s only been roughly 100 years, the Russians here haven’t been assimilated to the local cultures that much. So, the majority of these emigrants still speak Russian, share Russian customs and traditions and are raised in their own fashion. That’s why, if you were to visit one of these communities, you wouldn’t meet Americans or Britons with Russian-sounding names, but the real Russians.

Of course, it requires some search to find the really big communities in the vicinity, but it’s a lot more comfortable and easy to search for them in your home country rather than in far-away Russia, and there are really compelling reasons for it.

Firstly, many of these Russians are bilingual, speaking the local language (most often that’s the language you know also). Secondly, the distance is so much shorter and less time-consuming. Thirdly, they are very numerous, and the word ‘very’ isn’t hollow.

How big are these communities?

They are quite big. The United States alone host about 3 million people with Russian roots. It’s not to say that all of them still resemble their ancestors. Some have been naturalized. Canada and France are two other giants in this area: half a million Russians each.

It may sound like not a lot, especially if you keep in mind that not all people live in Canada, the US or France. But if you only want to date Russian girls, you don’t need 3 million people to pick from. Take any country absolutely randomly — Mexico, for instance — and you’ll see that even there the Russian live, 1293 of them to be exact. All you need is to travel a bit.

It may not be that easy to find one

You know, when you think that Russia should be crawling with the Russians, you’re right, obviously. You could get to know some of them, make a few new friends, but dating women here is something else.

If you come to Russia and stay there for a couple of days or even a week, you may not have time enough to make a necessary bond. Even in semi-serious relationships that last no more than a week you need to have something that unites you and your partner. Most of the time, this something is experiences you get along the road.

How serious do they want their relationships?

It may be an option in this case — if you first meet your girlfriend online before the trip and vow to come back to her once in a while, but it’s not for everyone.

But you know, if you weren’t a big fan of serious relationships from get-go, only wanting a few intimate moments and a quick romance during your stay — it’s fine too, maybe. Russians don’t really view such a relationship as taboo (opposite to the popular belief).

Some socially-active young people switch partners once a few months. So, it’s not really uncommon to build such a sort of relationship. However, you should really what kind of person you aim to draw into dating you. It’ll be a real bummer if it turns out that she wanted a serious relationship that you can’t oblige.

Image of a growing relationship

Most of the Russians aren’t bilingual

This is one of the minor problems, yet it may undermine your desire to date Russian girls fairly quickly.

The thing is, not many Russians speak English adequately. They may know a few words and phrases, English being taught in most schools. It doesn’t help much because the language is very difficult to study for an average Russian. Even German is easier in this regard, by many accounts.

You can negate this detriment by looking for a girlfriend in the dating websites or generally on the Internet. If the website you chose is designed for English-speaking people, then it’s your luck.

Another smart move is to consider visiting these aforementioned Russian communities. Even if it isn’t situated in any of the English-speaking countries, you still may be able to communicate with them just fine. See, some Russians prefer studying English over any other local language, given the locals speak English as well.

In conclusion

If your gut doesn’t tell you that traveling to Russia under this pretense can be a bad idea, these were a few factors that may dissuade you from the journey. However, if you still feel that traveling to Russia is within your ability and capability, then it’s only fair that you come. This country is a great place for those who know how to navigate themselves in it.

And coming here to date Russian girls isn’t a bad reason altogether. Many people choose to come to this marvelous land for something so much more stupid than that. So don’t worry, dating tourism is still a very real and relevant thing.

Hopefully, you liked the article, because it’s time for it to end. But if you didn’t, you may consider reading the other guides on this website. Or, alternatively, you can also watch the video below, it may prove useful, or at least interesting:

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